deception, incompetence or just plain


I called Wilderness systems to talk to Ben again as I still had not received the bungee material he had promised me for the tempest 170. I was brusquely told that Ben was no longer with the company and that I had to call the 800 customer service number. No other option.

I called the number and was promptly told that via recording that I would have to deal with my dealer only as I had pushed the “consumer option”. I waited on the line and was then given the option to leave a message with the notice that it may not be answered for up to two weeks.

Left message and will not hold my breath.

apparently they moved to South Carolina now?

what gives Steve?


Some Megacompanies seem to
think that good customer service is too expensive.

for bungie it should be a lot easier to go straight to various sources,and yes, WS is in transition. Annapolis Performance Sailing has a good selection

You got Ben fired?

Circling the drain
You get what you pay for

of course not!
Unless he got fired for doing the right thing and offering to send me some bungee material…

how you doin Rick?

battening down the hatches?


I am supposed to be there Saturday…rolling lesson.

I got the same runaround
…when I tried to call about a Tempest bulkhead. Looks like I’m making my own.

Sure you are… hehehe

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Oh... by Satuday it should be nice again...

Your Dealer Wouldn’t Help You?

Quicker to just make…
your own.

Figure out what length of cord you need to have including the bit of overlap. I overlap 1.5" on mine.

Slip a piece of appropriate sized heat shrink tubing (it needs to be able to go over your overlap section), over the cord and let it hang around until later.

Tape the ends and give 'em a little flame to seal and then layout your circle. Run a bit of 5200 along both sides where the overlap creates a channel. Fair the adhesive lay with a finger and let the assembly dry for 24 hours undisturbed.

Now slide the heat shrink tubing over the cord overlap. I usually use a 2" length of heat shrink and it gives a tidy finish. Apply heat gently until the heat shrink is nice and tight.

BTW, coloured bungies look pretty nice when coordinated with the colour of your boat.

Pleasant waters to ya.


thanks Holmes.
but what is 5200?

Simply a marine grade
sealant made by 3M. You can actually use a variety of products here, e.g., Goop, urethane adhesives, etc. The adhesive just gives a bit of security to the ends of the cord while you’re manipulating the shrink tubing over the union. You want the shrink tubing to be slightly snug over the union even prior to the application of heat. This will give you a suitably strong joint that looks nicely finished.

The adhesive also fills the two channels created by the cord when lain side by side and allows the heat shrink tubing additional surface area in which to grab. I like this better than trying to shrink the tubing down into an open channel. I’m not sure if this makes a stronger union as I’ve never tested them or had one come apart. It just makes for a better looking joint and makes it easier to shrink the tubing into place.


after this pesky tropical storm Katrina goes on to the west coast of florida and beyond, I will get out and get this stuff. color coordinated huh? interesting.