Deception Pass class?

Hi there,

I am looking to go out with a group or an instructor at Deception pass OR surf on Monday or Tue (Oct 1st, 2nd). Do you know any instruction shops out there offering classes of such sort on those days. Thanks.


Island Outfitters in Anacortes
Mathew 360-299-2300. He’s the closest instructor I know, and he’s a great guy. Not sure his availability?

Body, Boat and Blade?
No idea how close they are, but I think that some of their coaches have done work in Deception Pass.

Body boat blade
is out. I called. They are doing no classes in Sept/Oct. Thanks for the idea though.


Alder Creek, Portland
Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe in Portland does some of their tides and currents class at Deception Pass. Not sure if they have one going on the dates in question, though.