Deciding among three kayaks for my first

I know ya’ll probably get tired of this type of message, but I can’t find any review for two of the three kayaks I’m choosing among. I want to use the boat for fishing and messing around at the beach most importantly. But also for exercise and fishing on lakes. I have kayaked before but would consider myself a beginner. I will be transporting the kayak on a Camry with a Ozark Mountain Country carrying kit. I’m in great physical shape, if that matters. A shorter kayak would be easier to store (I live in an apartment) Any input would be greatly appreciated, I have been reading for a few days and just can’t decide how to go. Here are the three kayaks I’m considering:

Don’t know who makes Shakespeare’s
Ocean Kayaks are good kayaks. They take a fair bit of water to float them, though, compared to other similarly sized kayaks. That can make a difference if you float ledgey rivers, or not if you float places that consistently have more than 6" of water.

Also take a look at the Perception Tribe line.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 or 120 are good kayaks. They’ve changed things up recently, so some people are replacing their old ones for ones with the new features. You may be able to find one used at a reasonable price.

I don’t like molded-in foot braces…
Uncomfortable when stretching out your legs and no adjust-ability. They either work well for your height or not at all. Maybe it’s my size 14 feet. The Malibu Mini-X is a very good all-rounder as is the OK Frenzy. Both are about 9ft. Not familiar with Shakespeare but the price is probably a reflection of the quality. It could melt on your roof rack first day.,2457P_Ocean-Kayak-Frenzy-Recreational-Kayak-Sit-on-Top.html,2457H_Ocean-Kayak-Prowler-Trident-Fishing-Kayak-115-Sit-on-Top.html

So, you would suggest the Frenzy over the Yak Board? Since I would mainly use it for fishing, I would need to install some rod holders, I suppose.

You’re going to be all over the place in that Yak Board. It’s pretty much a big pool toy for playing in the surf at the beach. I wouldn’t go with anything smaller than the Frenzy. However, I strongly suggest trying to find a used Tarpon/Manta Ray/Prowler, etc… first. You’ll grow out of those tiny 8 footers quickly.

Granny Smith and Gala - still apples
Shakespeare kayaks is a subset of Emotion Kayaks.

The Shakespeare Angler 105 is a version of the Emotion Stealth Angler. I’ve had a Stealth since they first came out, and if I’m paddling for a day, it’s this boat. I mainly pedal a Hobie now because my neck is whacked. But sometimes I say to hell with it and paddle. Mine (yellow) has been hanging on the fence in my Florida backyard for a couple years now - looks like new.

I’m not familiar with the other boats, but I certainly know this one. That’s a good deal for a great boat. Because of my back issues, I love that seat because it’s rigid enough to give support, but gives enough to stay comfortable. The molded in foot braces mean you throw it in the water and GO … no seat to adjust, no foot braces to adjust.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that … :slight_smile:

That’s good to know about Shakespeare and Emotion.

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I have had a Emotion Stealth for almost a year now and what a great and relatively cheap SOT. Performs great for me and for my first kayak it was perfect. Really like the Emotion line of kayaks.

Even at my size at 6ft and 250lbs the Emotion Stealth worked great and I was very comfortable in it. Bang for the dollar and overall quality its tough to beat the Emotion Stealth (fishing version) or the Emotion Temptation (non fishing version). Great SOT yaks.

Pass on the Yak Board
We had one yakboard and one frenzy - the yakboard waddled when paddled and wasnt much boat while the frenzy is more substantial and tracks somewhat. The Yak board also leaked somewhere so we returned it and bought a 2nd frenzy. The frenzy is very slow but with a backrest, its comfortable as long as you are not too large bottomed. The seat is somewhat narrow. You wont want to paddle a frenzy for long distances but for fishing/waves its should work fine. If you go in an elevator, you may need to make sure what length will fit in there!

Deciding among three kayaks for my fir

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To the person trying to decide what to get as their first kayak:
This is like dating not marriage.You will HAVE to hang out with more than one for an extended period of time before you actually find "the one" And even then you will lust for another other than your first love.Enjoy it.Pick what suits most of your needs NOW. If your like the rest of us ( I think you will be) your going to own more than one before it's all over. Your interests may change relative to what type of kayaking you enjoy,your access to existing waters may change and your skill level will improve then as you get older and "thicker" your abilities may decline.So what. Just go have some fun .If you beat yourself up trying to find that perfect fit for at this point you will not be happy with your eventual choice.

So start dating,enjoy the romancing and the river dancing.
Ever on ,Your Pal Overly Hackled