Deciding between the Q10x or Avocet LV

One more thing: All QCCs are…
… not the same.

Rocker profiles are quite different for the 700/600/Q10x types than the 300/400/500s.

Only reasons you do…
are 1. You’ve actually paddle one!

and 2. What Sing said! L

Those are the only things that matter.

Lines of Q10x & comparison to Avocet LV
(sorry suiram - picture didn’t show and I had to repost).

Hard to really say just using an Avocet image - but it looks to have slightly more rocker. Differences in waterline length are more apparent.

As suiram’s deleted post was getting at, few can really tell much of anything from the lines - and may not offer much in the way of info that translates to on water impressions - but I still like to compare and lined drawings are better than photos for this.


Theonly assumaption you have made…

– Last Updated: Sep-19-08 7:13 AM EST – is that I have neither seen or paddled a QCC. You are, in a word, incorrect, brothers. I first saw the QCC 700 of dvdkitch, fellow paddler, in August 2007, and then, my dear hostwhilers, with all your whirligigs flashing and bamboozlers wonking, I was in the market to purchase one. Yes, indeed, my dear brothers, this kayaker of a half decade was looking seriously into dropping the pennywinks for a new c/K QCC--the boat that is, alas, forever "on sale" on their website--always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Wouldst this bonkwilliester not paddle a QCC were he to buy one? Surely you jest. I then paddled, on one occasion and for not more that 40 minutes, a lowly QCC600, the characterless water sprig that it is. And between that playless, joyless and generic paddle, plus the buttock oogliest design (winner of the Pnet "ugliest sea kayak" thread in 2006-2007, as I am sure Mr. schizopak will dutifully recall, oh my heavenly brothers) I opted away from the zealot-infused line of QCC not only for then, but forever. A short paddle plus internet research is typically insufficient to make a judgement, my milkbar kittens, but in this case, it was evident: the QCC was not for this bombastadour. Not now, not ever, say gee.

To equate the rocker of any QCC, line drawings or no line drawings, with one of the most rockered Brit boats this side of Keef Richards, the Valley Pintail is, in a word, my googley-eyed pompostidour, total nonsense.

I agree, again, with the comment of the retailer above that is outlined by our nefarious original poster, who eloquently summarized the QCC's demeanor. And, frankly, I would conjecture that even the QCC manufacturer's themselves, although I shan't put words in their virgin mouths, would agree, oh tomwilliokers, that the QCC is not the most rockered boat around, and that the Pintail, with the possible exception of a few such as the Anas, is a rockered soul that is mirrored by few other vessels.

Where I sit today is a glory being without a QCC, pleased as punch at my decision in 2007 not to buy that line of craft, but I do respect, oh greyest of yaks, your loving opinion of the homely maiden.

(Anyone tell, I just watched A Clockwork Orange).

Biddy well, brothers, biddy well.

Well, two things I’ll concede
QCCs, whatever the model, certainly aren’t for everyone (no kayak is - and I’ve never been one to suggest otherwise), and your Aquanaut LV sectional is a very pretty kayak (though you QCC experience probably bent you toward it vs a Nordkapp! L), even with the splits lines and all the extra weight.

I also don’t really like the 600 much (though I’ve heard it’s Winter’s personal favorite), but do think it’s better than the 500 (though otherwise the two should never be compared)!

Think what you like. You’re still drinking the coolaid though - having just switched flavors from Prijon to VCP. Nothing personal, but I think I’ll give more weight to Alex’s comments. More doing, less talking.

I’ve been meaning to rent CWO. Wish it’d come on PPV.

Biddy Well gyak. We should paddle
and can, in spirit of companionship, trade steeds for a couple hours. I hope to one day, and it appears that it’ll not be this year because of my unGodly schedule, come down to FL–I think you paddled with the group last winter in south FL, if I recall the photos properly–and paddle with you. Would be great fun and good spirit and time, indeed.

Original poster, who is still in a stitch about which boat to get, would and should, based on this discussion, do some seat time in both boats and in differing conditions, before making a final call.

G, A Clockwork Orange is just as randy as you recall it to be. Worthy of a DVD rental, certainly. Kubrick the late, Kubrick the…bizarre.

Well knowing the people who rent boats
around here, I would probably take their word for it.

Was this “someone” in San Diego?

Clockwork Orange is about a bunch of wild (white) homeboys reveling in their anarchistic and violent revolt against the structure and masses.

But they got 'em in the end.

Violence should be avoided, but a bit rebellion against the purveyers and drinkers of different color coolaid ain’t a bad thing in my book.


ilove2hula: AvLV video by orton1966.

Just in case you’ve not seen it.

Messing with boats
How you most enjoy your boat(s) has a lot to do with which boats are best for you.

Last weekend we spent an amount of time playing - switching boats, doing cowboy re-entries, assisted rescues, rolling, etc… We are also prone to playing bumper boats and paddling over another’s stern. Having boats which we don’t mind scratching and are easy to throw around helps.

The most recent object of much play is a friend’s 1992 Anas Acuta which he acquired this past summer. I can easily paddle either my Romany or Nordlow up onto the rear deck of the Anas. One friend paddled completely over the boat.

I’m not sure one cannot play thusly with a QCC, but the low decks, upswept bows, lack of hardware on the stern, etc… seems to contribute to such play :wink:

KayakPro Nemo?
I know you narroesd down to the QCC and the Avocet, but did you look at the KayakPro Nemo? It seems to be a small-ish person’s boat and I have not seen a negative review of its behavior on the water. It may as well be faster than them by a smidgen.

I had a chance to sit in one and paddle it for a few minutes and it felt unexpectedly stable. But I’m too heavy for it at 190. The owner is probably just a bit bigger than you and she seems to be made for that boat (or the other way around).

Price may be an issue though - may be $1,000 more than the others you are looking at.

Stern rocker

– Last Updated: Sep-19-08 7:14 PM EST –

From observation, the Avocet has a great deal more stern rocker than is evident in the photo.

My primitive observation of rocker is often seeing a boat on flat pavement and noting how much touches the ground and how far off the ground the rest of the keel appears to be.

On at least one of our weekly club paddles, that had at least 25 people, I did observe one member with his QCC700, get in the water with us, paddle as if in a race well ahead of the group alone, return alone, put the boat on his car, and then leave. Perhaps a great workout and enjoyment of speed, but I wondered why he participated in this group event, and never socialized!

didn’t any of you speed up and join him?

He was probably disappointed too.

I did briefly…

– Last Updated: Sep-20-08 9:36 AM EST –

I very briefly paddled alongside the guy to whom Martin refers. However, I was in my Romany and there was no way I was going to be able to stay with him... Besides he was really cranking and did not seem to have much interest in socializing.

A year or so ago when a few of us were putting in on a Saturday or Sunday, we encountered a guy in an Epic Endurance 18 - full carbon and beautiful. We paddled with him for a while (I've got a shot of Anthony in his Avocet alongside the Endurance 18 moving quite well.) However, the Epic paddler was interested in paddling straight downriver, pausing briefly and paddling straight back up river. We wanted to play and explore a bit.

Thusfar, my experience around here has been the folks in Q600 or 700s, and those in Epics seem to simply paddle fast in a straight line. They do not seem to have much interest in play... rolling, bracing, maneuvering, etc...

It seems most places I paddle, folk who want to do more than paddle fast in a straight line choose boats other than QCCs or Epics. (I do understand that QCCs and Epics are capable of play.)

Sorry no longer have it

I fixed that
This morning I spent my time glassing on a huge fiberglass triangle attached to both sides of the stern deck and extending upward to a point about one foot above the former deck height. Just try to run over my kayak now :-} While I was at it I straightened the keel by removing all of the rocker, so you will never catch me again …

and it’s a 1990, not one of those new fangled 1992 models!

Modernizing an Anas Acuta
Did you also plumb the bow? Afterall we all know that nonplumb bows are anachronistic.

Sorry about making your AA 2 years younger :wink:

Agree. That is all QCCs are good for.
A more versatile boat is generally one that more people gravitate toward. Fun. Versatile. Playful, yet still spry.

Good thought on your other thread, martin, about the AqLV. You’ll love it.