Decisions Decisions

I’ll write the check this weekend for the first kayak. And, after much research and agonizing, I’ve narrowed my choices down to the following:

Point65N Sea Cruiser - 17’ 3" long, the least expensive of the options. A poly boat and, oddly, looks to be faster than the next choice, the

Point65N XO16 - a fiberglass boat. Only 16’ 5" long but I like the looks better.

Both are at

Hurricane Tracer: 16’ 5" long and (I think) a really beautiful boat. I did sit in one a few months ago and it seemed tight for me. I’m 180lb, 5’11" and wear size 12 shoes.

My initial use will be in the MR340 in July. After that I plan to use the boat a few times each summer for overnight floats.

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of chances to test this type of boat in the Dallas, TX area - especially the Point65 boats. How I envy those of you on the east and west coasts.

Any thoughts/suggestions/wisdom?


Never mind
Well, turns out the REI sale doesn’t cover boats, and they’re the only ones in this area selling Point65. Without that those are out of my range. Besides that, the Sea Cruiser is out of stock at the US distributor.

Back to the drawing board! I’ll shop around ang get what I can get in Dallas this weekend from whoever wants to sell me a boat.

Be cautious of the Tracer. It’s a great boat for the money but highly skeg dependant. If you don’t mind messing around with the skeg a lot it will be fine.


skeg dependent
I’ve never owned a tracer but have paddled them a few times. I never had any prblem with the boat with the skeg up. It turns better than most boats that have that kind of speed, and since I single blade and sail I’d like a boat with a rudder. but of the boats I’ve paddle with a skeg the Tacer was the most manuverable and most comfortable boat of the lot of them.

when I paddled the Tracers I was between 230 and 240 pounts and I’m still 5’10" with size 12 feet. I thought it was just right, not tight.

Each year they refine the hull and the outfitting on the boat. In fact the early models had no skeg and even more rocker.

I have owned a Tracer for almost a year. I haven’t had any problems with weathercocking or tracking like some people have reported. Use the skeg occasionally. Did have it at the NC coast last September in one of the tidal creeks near the IC Waterway and was paddling against the tide and into a 20mph wind and had no problems at all.

I am 6’ 4", 185 lbs., 34" inseam and size 12 shoes and fit is no problem.

The only problem I had was with the backband, very uncomfortable, but the company shipped me an IR Reggie backband to replace the original and it made all the difference in the world. I think the IR is now the standard backband in the Tracer. I am very happy with the Tracer, a nice boat for the money.


Older model?
Maybe they have improved the hull design. The one I had wouldn’t track at all even on the calmest days. It was very frustrating. I’m not playing in rock gardens so high manuverability in not importaint to me.

Good to hear others are pleased with it’s performance.