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Saaw a Crossfire Sportsman deck bag for about $70. Does anybody know about this bag? Or does anybody reccommend one? Dont need a huge one, and I don’t do multiple day trips. Just need one for holding stuff on my new Eddyline Journey which will be showing up in a week (Oh boy, Oh Boy!!!). I can use it on my Tarpon 140 too.

deck bag thoughts
Based on the picture, I’d say the temptation to leave that bag unzipped for convenience could lead to losing some of your stuff if you tip – even if you recover with a brace. You didn’t say whether you’re a fisherman and want that specific kind of deck bag. But unless you need a wide-open bag, it might be better to go with the traditional, front-opening-with-zip deck bag. Cheap ones are made by Seattle Sports. I carry my binoculars, lunch, and sunscreen in mine and try to remember to zip the thing closed when I’m under way. It has served me well.

The Journey sounds like a nice boat. Congratulations!

G in NC

deck bag…

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...I have 2 ....a North Water Expedition bag and a WildWasser Pilot bag ..I hardly use them but they are very handy for storing things, right off your fingertips.I did find the strap lengths did not fit some boats though ...the NorthWater bag straps are too short to span the deck of my Prijon Calabria boat, but will fit my Solstice GT deck ok. I haven't tried them both on the Prijon Seayak yet. so I'll update later. Since I use my boats to fish sometimes ...looks like I will have a 3rd bag soon. I like how that bag opens up to store things, rather than a end zipper, it should be more useful for fishing purposes. UPDATE...
Tried the northwater bag on the Seayak ...won't fit ....straps are too short! only 7" total, that means 3.5" folded back against itself and clipped in. The Pilot bag has a different arrangement, plenty of length on them.

Deck bag
I use a Watershed Aleutian which fits most boats and is watertight if you keep it zipped up which I usually don’t.

chinook deck bags suck
i have one and its a peice o poo.

deck bag
Something to keep in mind - I have moved away from deck bags, as they can get in the way of paddling. For example, a sweep stroke is more efficient if you can keep the paddle shaft close to parallel with the water, but a deck back will prevent this.

For smaller items I want quick access to, I have started using a pouch on my spray skirt. This area on your lap doesn’t get in the way of strokes as items on your deck can.

Generally, what Peter said
I usually prefer a clean deck. I have a North Water Under Deck bag that I use if/when I want one. The measurements for bag you indicate look huge to me. Maybe ok for fishing on your Tarpon, but on the Eddyline? Huge.

Wildwasser Multi-Float
low profile, doubles as a paddle float which you should be carrying anyway, outer mesh zipper pocket for stuff like sunscreen that doesn’t need to be kept dry.