Deck Bag Recommendations

It seems everything I have looked is either too big, not waterproof or too cheap. I’m looking for something that is not too big that will catch the wind or could hinder a roll if it was ever necessary. It shouldn’t be too small either where I can’t put anything in it. Typical items I would carry on a multi-day trip would be a power bar, small digital camera, binoculars, GPS, VHF radio, sunscreen and sunglasses.

The North Water Peaked Deck Bag ( is the best one I have seen, but it would be great if it were made of better quality and waterproof.

Anyone have a suggestion?

maybe not what you want to hear
…but i teach, work for an outfitter and as a result know many ACA open water instructors and a few Instructor Trainers and the basic consensus i get from all of them is that a deck bag is not the way to go. Mainly, the problem is that there is no deck bag that is very low profile and wont provide resistance whether it be in rolling or paddling in wind, nor are there many that are very water proof. In general they tend to snag up on anything they come in contact with, don’t hold enough and cover all of your deck’s usable bungie lines. The essential things you’ll need should have they’re rightful spot on your person, or pfd rather. Both I and my friends carry all those things in our pfds with the exception of binoculars and a GPS unit. The essentials are what matters and they will fit in/on your pfd. As for the GPS if it’s on your deck then it is fair game to be taken from you by the deep. If you really don’t like having that much on you personally the thing i can recommend is a small sea-line map/chart case, it’s clear, waterproof, tough, and can hold a gps, vhf, and some other things easily, all without taking up your entire deck while doing so.

deck bag hindering a roll…
it would need to be a HUGE deck bag to prevent someone from rolling.

I like the Northwater Turtle Deck Bag. My favorite option is the Northwater Underdeck bag. I am not a big fan of opening my spray skirt in open water, but if it is rough enough for me to worry about it then it will be too rough for me to use whatever is inside of it.

Deck Bag

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Try to avoid large deck bags. Eric is right. On you or in the boat is the right way to go in most cases. A flat , waterproof map case is the exception. If you want a deck bag i've got a couple i'll sell cheap. VF

Spray skirt
I started using a spray skirt that has a pocket on it, It holds enough that I no longer use my deck bag.

Look for a Prijon/Wildwasser
Console bag. It has a roll top closure and isn’t nearly as large as the Watershed Aleutian. It’s also fairly easy to open and close the roll top.


wildwasser deck bags
you may want to look at Wildwasser brand deck bags try this link …

…it is totally waterproof not splash proof.