Deck Bag Selection

I’m looking into a deck bag for my Greenland kayaks to hold a 12" x 9" flat tackle box, pliers, small anchor, and water bottle. So far, I’ve narrowed my selection towards an NSR Overhaul or Taj M’Haul, or possibly Seattle Sport’s Sportsmans Deck bag. Any experiences on the NSR or SS bags? Is the drybag removable on the Taj M’Haul?

I’m open to other deck bag suggestions as well. I’m looking for nylon construction (not heavy PVC), zippered entry, and durable construction. No need for it to be watertight.

deck bag
I had ordered the TAJ bag from NRS,2months ago,Nrs ,informed me they were backordered,I believe the dry bag is removable,you can watch NRS descibe their 3 deck bags on video in their site,I canceled order,wasnt in a great need,yet

An alternate…
to a deck bag is a fanny pack. Lots of choices, not a lot of cost. It’s what I use. I strap it under the front bungees, and fasten the “belt” up over the top. Easy to move from boat to boat.



SEattle Sports
I just bought my friend a Seattle Sports deluxe deck bag. This thing is a whole trunk! Has lots of attachment points on the outside to fasten gear, a peaked firm shape, is totally waterproof, and has a small see=through panel as well. It’s designed to fit the front of a sit inside kayak, but it also will fit in the front (or back) of his sit on top boat. You could put a lot of gear in this and on this. Not cheap, mind you.

Here’s the URL:

I have one to sell
if anyone’s interested. you can strap a nalgene or other bottle on either side and a paddling jacket under the bungee, in addition to the internal storage

The OverHaul and Taj M’Haul bags are both now in stock at NRS. And, the HydroLock dry bag insert in the Taj is removable.

You can check to see if there’s an NRS dealer near you, by going to

Happy New Year and may all your boating be Fun and Safe!



Just bought a Taj M’Haul
I just got my wife a Taj M’Haul for Christmas. We’ll be on a trip over new years. I can let you know her thoughts when we get back if you’d like.

Other suggestion
I have a Seattle Sports deck bag that I like pretty well, but I only use it for touring when I need the extra storage space. For day trips I use a large nylon tackle bag that fits under the deck in front of my feet. I prefer to have a clear deck. A tackle bag is handy because it has lots of pockets.

Taj M’Haul
This past weekend my wife used her Taj M’Haul deck bag and really liked it. The conditions ranged from around 40 degrees and light rain to 22 and snowing with wind gusting to over 30mph. She didn’t think the bag was that much of a wind catch even in the heavy gust and it sits low enough that even though she is 5’ tall it didn’t obstruct her view. Her one complaint was the zipper on the interior dry bag. It is like the ones on a kitchen storage bag, i.e. ziploc, and it was a pain for her to seal up. With the cold she just rolled it down and didn’t seal it. I did order it from my local shop in October and with the backorder didn’t get it until the week before Christmas but I think NRS has their supply up and going. It isn’t cheap but my wife thinks well worth the money.