Deck Bags On Bow

I’ve used search but anything I have found is older-ish. Sorry to repeat if I have.

I just got back from an overnight camping adventure out my kayak and I’ve decided I need to redistribute the weight of what I carry. I’m a larger guy and when I load the rear storage on my kayak the rear is pretty low in the water.

What I’d like to do is have a deck bag on the deck in the front to help level out my kayak. I don’t necessarily need it to be waterproof as the things I would put in there (hammock, sleeping bag, clothing, etc. are already in dry bags.

I already have a few things I put in the area near my feet that fit well so that space is spoken for.

I’d like choices that allow me to put a fair amount of items in there. I don’t over-pack on trips but here and there I may go on multi-day trips and bit of extra food, clothing, etc. would be nice. Usually I won’t pack it too tight.

Any suggestions? Brands which give a variety of sizes?

If I can’t find anything I like I’ll just get a version of a duffel bag (one that drains if it gets wet) and lash it to the front.

Thanks in advance.

I suggest you evaluate where you are currently packing things in your kayak and redistrbute the weight differently. A deck bag is not that big and is more for items your need thru out the day or trip like water, snacks, sunscreen, and other sundries and maybe a rain jacket. Your other main camping items should be stowed in a compartment. Plus a deck bag can get in the way if you have to do a re-entry from water.

Long term solution
Pack lighter or get a longer kayak with more storage front (and likely back) or a canoe. While you can physically lash things like sleeping bags to the front of a kayak, it creates windage and some safety issues to have that loaded a front deck. There are larger (and pricier) deck bags, but even the largest of them is not really intended to handle the kind of problem you describe.

not a good idea
I agree this is not the way to go. What kind of kayak are you using, and where do you use it? While you might “get away with it” for a short while in very sheltered waters, if you are taking multiday trips it will come back to haunt you. In addition to the windage issue the deck is not the place for items you want to keep, if things turn really foul on you. They can get washed/ripped away, they will interfere with assisted rescues, if you capsize and the boat washes into shore and punctures the drybag your sleeping bag and clothes are in… its just asking for big trouble.