Deck bags

Obviously, this is not a question for “The Clean Deck Society”.

Anyway, I’m thinking about picking one up and looking for some input. Don’t plan on loading a ton of crap into it (GPS, small water resistant digicam, binocs, snacks etc.). I know the Seal Line Baja was a Sea Kayaker reader’s choice, but it’s a bit spendy ($80) for my budget (at least until it goes on sale at REI again). Aside from, “it’ll catch wind, cause your boat capsize, it looks ugly and you’ll become entangled in it”, suggestions from those actually using one are appreciated!

nrs has a
mesh one that will drain quickly if you flip/roll…

Here are a couple
This is a really nice one that even has a paddle holder but is still pricey at $65.

Here is another for only $50.

Hope this helps!

"at least until it goes on sale at REI"
Don’t know if it will be effected, but another REI sale starts tomorrow. Check out the price on the new Carlisle fiber glass paddles. Haven’t moved a bit, so the price dropped to $185. Goofy color, and the mating ends seem backwards, but other than that, a good deal.

Peaked Deck Bag
I read about this:

You can get it from REI.

I use the Prijon Console Bag…
…Four years of very hard use and it is bone dry. No zipper. Standard drybag roll-up closure.

One complaint…the buckles on mine are not standard “fastex-type” and I haven’t been able to find them anywhere or buy extra buckles from Prijon. (Bastards!!) That means that I have to move the mounting strap back and forth between boats.

If you have one boat this is good choice. If you have more than one then Prijon has blown it for you and you should buy something else. Or maybe, just maybe someone with a vested interest in Prijon reads this message and gets a clue.

SeattleSports Latitude or Super Latitude
The Latitude is made of coated polyester with vinyl ends. Super Latitude is coated nylon.

Three sizes (7.5" x 15", 9.5" x 18", 12.5" x 28").

There actually is a third material (don’t know what its name is) made of clear PVC. I got one free because a vendor mistakenly sent me the clear PVC when I had ordered the Latitude. Later, they sent me the right one.

Now, here’s the interesting thing: my husband had bought an older Latitude that I liked very much. I used it on a solo camping trip. When I compared the new Latitude with it, it became clear that they had changed the design of the roll-up closure. The older one had a narrowed funnel. The new one kept the bag’s width all the way to the top. I like the old style better. I also think it’s strange they call it a “duffel bag”. Perhaps the difference is that a deck bag implies that you can quickly open one end and pull something out. The Latitude/Super Latitude have regular roll-top openings so they would take a bit more time and effort to access the contents.

REI sells the Super Latitude but my local stores did not have the small-sized Latitude. I bought from Cascade Outfitters.

The small size should be adequate for the items you listed, and it is smaller than the Prijon deck bag someone else mentioned (my husband has one of these and likes it).

Most real deck bags are too bulky for my tastes. That’s why I mention these bags in case you feel the same.

I got a yard sale, but it’s a small yard sale!

Prijon Console Deck Bag

Here is the company on eBay, River Connection, (who is a pnetter)where I bought mine, great service, you could email them. I also bought this matching tow bag, and it is really super small and fine and useable. Try this company for info on your Console Deck bag, and I agree with the poster above, it is super waterproof.

Scroll down for picture of Prijon Wildwasser Console Deck Bag.

North Water
UNDER deck bag!

Wildwasser Prijon Console Bag
I have the same deck bag and would recommend it as well.

Baja deck bags
My husband and I each have one and use them for exactly what you intend, and they are perfect for that purpose. If you check eBay, Cascade Designs often puts their seconds up for sale. That’s where we got ours, and there’s really no way you can tell that they’re seconds. They had been going for around $45 to $55, but I haven’t looked recently.

Baja seconds
Yep, I’ve seen those on ebay a couple times and was tempted to bid on one, and I think you’re right about the going price on them lately. May have to give it a shot next time.

All of the other options mentioned are also looking good! Thanks again!