deck bags

hi all…just wanted to pass along the following facts to anyone who is considering buying a front deck bag. i bought a northwater paddlesport expedition bag for my WS cape lookout front deck and it fit very well on it but would not fit on my CD SolsticeGT front deck …nylon straps were 2 short for CD boat rigging, ( believe me, I tried it every which way) So i bought a WildWasser pilot bag and that fit the CD boat.Moral of the posting …not all bags will fit all boats , try it on the boat b4 u buy.

peaked decks
the Solstice has such a high deck it’s worth building up an underdeck set-up. I installed a mesh bag with room underneath for a pump on a friends CD Extreme. Worked out well.

yup…that is also why they offer:
the peaked deck bag