deck bags

Deck Bags.

Currently I toss everything I need under a bungie-net that I clip to my deck but want a deck-bag.

But I notice that there are two kinds, the common ones with a zipper and the rare folding opening (like a dry-bag).

My experience with zippers and lake water imply that any zipper will eventually degrade and jam. Try opening a B-2 Bag in the jungle after they have been sitting in the rain and dirt all day. So why do they make so many deck-bags with zippers?

Any experience with these?

my experience

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My 2 earlier deck bags with zippers definitely leaked when waves washed over the deck. I recently replaced it with this Wildwasser one with the roll closure and it has been perfectly dry. I like the attachment system too. Click on the deck bag tab.

makes a roll enclosure deck bag which is reasonably inexpensive and very effective.

I have rolled with it often.


I agree
with the Brasilbrasil on the Gaia deck bag. You can’t force air out, therefore water cannot get in. You also have to love stuff made in the USA!

If you want waterproof, disregard this post. But if you’re using a deck net & don’t insist on keeping your stuff dry, Northwater makes good stuff. They’re not waterproof, but don’t claim to be. If your issue is with zipper function, a fresh water rinse and ocassional spray of silicone works wonders. I’ve had one for 4(?) years. No complaints. Yes, I can roll with it on deck just fine.

The Un-Deck Bag
I’m too cheap and find deck bags to expensive.

I use a smallish fanny pack and clip the belt around/through the bungees. Very secure and when you get where you’re going, you have a handy fanny pack. I paddle exclusively in salt-water and find that the zippers hold-up just fine so long as you rinse them after each use. If I want to keep something water-proof, I put it in a zip-lock freezer and then place it in the deck/fanny pack. Simple, cheap, versatile.

We have Northwater and Watershed, both work very well. We have never had water seep in or a zipper failure. We also take care of our equipment, after all it is expensive and we want it to last. As a previous poster, clean the zipper, and keep in working order, just like the rest of the gear.

Wildwasser Console
Roll top opening plus plenty of accessory attachment points for pump, map, etc. Comes with straps and clips to make quick connect/disconnect with your rigging. Also able to open it with gloves in icy conditions.

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Seal Line Deck bag…

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I just purchased a Seal Line Baja deck bag. I like how the zipper is protected and the seams are all sealed. The bag is easily attached to both my boats and has a pouch, clips and a carry strap. It's pricey but I got a nice discount on it so I figured "why not?"

Will keep in mind about cleaning/lubing the zipper after use in salt water.