Deck Compass location

I have a CD Solstice coming from the factory, and ordered a compass mounted to the deck. I never asked , but assumed it was within a few feet of the cockpit. Does anyone know where the standard mounting position is for CD? I saw a boat this weekend, with one mounted closer to the bow, than the cockpit.

usually up front
I don’t know the CD products, but deck compasses are usually closer to the bow than the cockpit. For example, my girlfriends Necky Chatham 16 has the compass between the front hatch and the bow.

The reason you would want a foward
mount compass it to prevent that sea sick feeling you may get if you are trying to do constant compass readings doing a crossing in rough conditions. Looking forward is better than looking down.

Compass Choices
You want it further forward. If you can still call CD about what compass they use, there is one out there that has the third digit removed from the display which allows for larger size numbers. I can’t recall what brand it is, but the folks at CD probably know. If you can handle the translation OK, you may want to think about that.

CD Solstice compass mounting
I just receieved a Solstice Titian LV w/factory installed compass and its between the front deck bungees and the front hatch just like the picture of the Expedition. I got the Richie compass.

That is where I was hoping it would be.