Deck / Dash Bag

I was in Bass Pro Shops today and saw a couple Old Town kayaks with a cool deck/dash/cockpit bag attached. I am not sure what these are really called. It attached around the cockpit with a bungee cord and covered the front 1/3 of the cockpit with a nice nylon bag/cupholder thing. It had a plastic brace like in some sprayskirts to help support the weight. I have seen molded dashes, but none suit my needs. I cannot seem to find this one from Old Town online. I am just looking for something similar to attach to my kayak. Anyone (all you veterans) know where I can find this sort of thing, or what they are actually called so I can narrow my internet search. Any help would be appreciated.

it’s not a Dash Bag
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What you’ll find…
is that many of the more active veterans on this board wouldn’t be up on what you are talking about because (a) it doesn’t seem compatible with the use of a spray skirt and (b) any stated desire for a cup holder in a kayak tends to produce unexpected suggestions.

You may have better luck on a kayak fishing board where this kind of accessory may be more common.

half skirt/deck
was it something like this:

There are warm water paddlers here…

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...who would use those in calm paddling conditions. I'm possibly interested in that Field & Stream one linked above. If anyone has one I'd appreciate a review, as there isn't a Dick's near me, so I'd have to order it online sight-unseen.

I'm particularly interested in how far back it goes from the front rim of the cockpit combing. If anyone can supply me with that info, thanks in advance, because the Dicks site doesn't give dimensions.

I’ve used it…
on the boat I started out in:

Those pictures might give a better idea on how far it goes back based on the seat position. I don’t have exact dimensions as I’ve sold that boat and the deck went with it. It was pretty handy to have extra storage and a more secure drink holder in close reach and also to keep the sun off your legs in the summer time.

Oh thanks

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Those pictures give a lot better perspective of it, and it is definitely a lot bigger than I thought from the Dicks picture. It's probably too big for my purposes.

Thanks again for your pictures, you probably saved me some money from buying it blind and then being too lazy to return it.

wasn’t sure
are you primarily looking for a half-skirt? or a cupholder? you can check out the Seals brand Splash Deck or Angler Work Deck, both available on

half skirt with cupholder…
…would be nice, but that other one would be at least a 3/4’s skirt for me. I don’t need the pockets or the area they take up. Just something to hold a drink, take a little paddle splash, and give a little shade to the legs without blocking too much sun or access to cargo down by my legs.

Thanks, I’ll checkout campmor

Try Harmony. They used to make…

…a lot of stuff like that.

Don’t know if they are still in business or not.

Field & Stream Accessory Decks

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We bought them from Dick's for all our kayaks and LOVE them. We paddle on calm lakes in Alabama. They only come in 2 sizes and most of ours are standard-only the perception blast takes a large. They do help to keep you dry-my kids won't paddle without them. We do not have spray skirts, so I do not know if they work with them or not. HTH-Karen

The plot (deck) thickens
The above linked product page from Dicks didn’t mention anything about a choice of 2 sizes, so I looked and there’s another Field&Stream deck listed separately as a large. So there are two sizes, though they don’t give dimensions for either of them. arg!

I’m assuming the pictures posted earlier are the large version, so maybe I do want the small afterall…

My cockpit sizes
The 2 that take the standard sizes (the $30 one) are 19x38 and 42.5 by 20.5

The blast takes a larger one but I am not sure why. It is 19.5 x 38.5. Must just be the shape.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

The pungo has these as standard eqpt.
But you can ge tthem withthe OT Rush and one companysells them seperatly.

My experience is that the hard-case dashboard isn’t all that paddler friendly. AS larger person will be bruised by the hard dashboard which only seems to fit certain boats.

But the softer ones will fit a larger range of boats and don’t rub on your thighs as much.

Still, a great idea for those who want the large cockpit to get into and out of easily but also want to be able to reach their stuff on the foredeck.