Deck height of Explorer LV

Anybody with Explorer LV know the deck height.

On the NDK site it dosen’t list this measurement.

I was looking for measurement from bottom of hull

to bottom of combing, and also to top of combing.

Anybody know these off hand or can measure this

up for me. Thx

Explorer LV on hand measures
Coaming forward; inside measure to bottom of coaming at highest point is 10.75", to top of coaming is 11.75".

Coaming rear; inside measure to bottom of coaming is 7", to top of coaming is 8".

And just in case you could use it; the interior measure of the coaming is 28" by 14.5" Exterior is 30" x16.5"

These are actual measures taken from Celia’s Explorer LV which is a 2004 boat.

Remember it is NDK, so there is no guaranty of consistency…

Thank you
Appreciate your time for measurements

You’re welcome