Deck height off lv explorer

Does anybody know the front deck hight of

lv explorer. Also on ndk site it states that

lv cockpit is 3.5" inches shorter & 1" narrower than

standard cockpit. What is the size of ndk

standard cockpit, they don’t give sizes on

website, or aleast that I could see. Thx

Where exactly…
do you want the measurement. I’m doing a bit of repair on mine this evening and can walk out in the garage with a tape measure. Are you thinking top of the keyhole, sides, etc?

front of keyhole
Was looking for front of keyhole measurement.

I guess bottom of boat to underside of deck

right at front of keyhole. I was comparing

to pintail to see if I could fit in this

boat. Thanks

10 & 5/8 inches.

size of paddler
Just curious, how tall, weight & kinda of build

are you.And how do you find fit of cockpit.

How do you enter feet first or sit in first feet

2nd. Thanks

Just measured mine

– Last Updated: Jan-13-07 9:56 PM EST –

All distances are between the interior edges of the coaming, the measurements not listed above. May be a little sloppy because I was too lazy to drop the boat all the way down but I think close enough.

27" length of cockpit
12" width at the hips
9" width at the front of the thigh braces, where they are the most cut in

Takes an extra-small skirt, at least for Snapdragon sizing (probably why the Explorer LV is not listed on a lot of fit charts)

As to overall size, think about adding a keyhole shape to the front of an ocean cockpit and you are pretty close. I am 5'4" and and fit easily enough that I can butt-drop and pull my feet in together, though wet re-entries in full drysuit with cold water layers do take a bit more planning than mu higher-decked Vela. But I've seen only slightly heavy average height guys literally not be able to get their posterior thru the cockpit.

More details

I’m 5’8", 150 pounds, fairly slim/athletic build. I like moonlit walks on the beach. Oh, wait, wrong ad.

I generally get in feet-first, but for rescues and beach landing in the surf I can enter and exit butt first, provided I slide all the way back in the seat. I have been known to scrape my shins doing a quick exit on the beach as a wave is rolling in.

The LV model has a foam seat you can position where you want it, and I have mine nearly all the way back.

I also pulled the stock seat back and used a foam block, like the one you’ll see on

Hope this helps -

Where are you located?
I love the very snug fit, but you should definitely find one to try. My paddling partner, who is more slim for his height than I am, couldn’t fit in the boat. If you don’t have a dealer nearby, post a question and you might find someone on this board who lives near you and will let you check it out.


southern ontario
I shouldn’t have a problem fitting in boat,

but was wondering after a days paddling

I might appreciate standard explorer romm

to stretch out a bit. Thanks

One more measure
I forgot this one, but it matters a lot. The thigh braces are, as in all other NDK boats, relatively aggressive for a sea kayak. I didn’t get the measurement last night, but they start curving in to narrow the effective width of the cockpit entry space not much more than halfway up the length of the cockpit from the back, probably no more than 12 inches in front of the backband.

If you have big feet and/or long thighs, this could be an issue.

That’s the truth!
In winter I usually wear a size larger booty to allow for my wool socks. A size 9 booty has the toebox right up against the deck!

As far as wanting to stretch out, I tend to go for a luxurious stretch on the back deck every 30 minutes or so. The LV is a very snug fit for me, so I usually paddle with my legs straight, knees against the spray skirt, and can instantly slip my knees under the knee brace when needed. I’m sure this level of snugness isn’t for everyone, but I love it.


Southern On.
Jay; I’m from Windsor. There is a pretty active group in this area. Are you close by?


southern ontario north of Toronto
I’am just north of Toronto, do alot of paddling

in georgin bay area & heading to superior

this summer. Lake ontario can be fun when the

wind is up