Deck Height - What is it?

When they give the vital statistics/measurements for Kayaks and they mention “Deck Height” what exactly are they referring to?



From the bottom of the boat to the deck
If you look at a profile picture from the side, it’s the height of the boat just forward of the cockpit.

If you where size 12 shoes, you want a lot of height.

The higher the deck the higher the thigh braces will be. If the deck is too high you will not have good contact with the thigh braces and it’s extra weight and freeboard that you don’t need. If the deck is too low it will be difficult to enter and exit and be uncomfortable to sit in.

a high deck can interfere with paddling, if the user is not proportionally taller.

a high deck takes more hit from wind, which, depending on paddler skill, hull shape, skeg/rudder, etc. can make for handling difficulties.

if the rear deck is proportionately high, with a high front deck, it can make self rescues more difficult.

I can’t remember the details, but, I seem to recall that manufacturers have not been measuring deck height consistently. Like, some may measure just under the fron coaming. Some may measure under the deck, ahead of the coaming, or, something something.