Deck Height

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I know alot of manufacturers will list a deck height for their boats, but if we want to compare them to boats we have or have been in, where would you measure to find it? Is it right under the cockpit rim? halfway down the deck? because the whle boat narrows as you go forward you're not going to get the same measurement in most places.
Any info would be appreciated

Deck at forward end of cockpit. And…
…another height to ponder is the aft deck just behind the cockpit. Many of us like this to be as low as possible, making lay back maneuvers more comfortable.


No standards
It’s usually at the front of the cockpit, but there are no written industry standards for measurements. Comparing boats on paper can be misleading.

Sea Kayaker Magazine measures the distance internally from the floor of the cockpit to the underside of the coaming at center front and back. Many manufacturers provide the outside measure front and sometimes back.

Hull shape variables
I’ve also found that the hull shape is a factor, particularly if you are a big guy and have more, uhhhh, “athletic” thighs. If the hull bottom is more vee or rounded rather than flat, narrow rather than wide, or straight drop to chines rather than tapering it will affect how it fits eventhough the depth as measured may be greater. It helps to have that measurement, but it doesn’t necessarily translate directly.