deck height

Does Anyone know the deck height of A dagger Piedra?

For that matter does anyone know of a site where one can get the dech heights of any dagger kayak? eddy flower doesn’t have deck heights and Dagger doesn’t have many discontinued boats. Need a river runner for a none flexable 5’10" 180 lb Paddler Any suggestions.

What’s the deck height issue? The
paddler in question has to be very knees-up for comfort? You might look at some more modern boats such as the Jackson Hero or the Liquid Logic Remix series.

I’m very tall, and I own a Dagger Animas, quasi sister boat to the Piedra. The Animas has a reasonable amount of deck height, but nothing to write home about. I imagine the Piedra is similar.

I have a Piedra

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My husband can get into it at 6', but you may be pushing the envelope with the weight when you are actually in moving stuff. I can measure whatever you'd like tomorrow and post back here.

That said, the best preserved Piedra is an old boat. I happily take mine out on flat creek crawls where we'll be dragging boats over and around small dams, but I'm not sure I'd take it out to hit rocks at this point in its life.

Have you considered a newer creeker, a boat that has a little more volume and so tends to be more protective of the paddler? That's the kind of boat that we see dominating the classes over at Zoar where most of the class of newbies has white hair.

I was not wild about the Hero for me, but for someone a little bigger than me who wanted a boat to get them down moving water fast and do its best to stay upright, it's not a bad choice. It has a pretty high deck and that nice new very comfy seating system that Jacksobn does so well. It's just maybe a little too fast - if you care to see the scenery as you are zipping by.

The one thing is that Jackson boats are pricier than other makers. So you may be able to do as well with a creeker from Dagger or someone else, since in general creekers are bigger volume boats with more deck height than the river/play boats.

I tried to email
you with some information, but your email account doesn’t exist (or so the message I got back said). I don’t have deck height, but all the other specs.

Small person’s boat
The Piedra was designed for young folks and women. It was intended for small people.

That being said, at 6’, 180+ lbs, I fit in my wife’s Piedra and it makes a fun pool boat for me (rolling, sculling, etc). I think 180 may be too much weight for it to perform well as a river runner.

I had an Animas which was the big person’s version. It was too much volume for me, but I sold it to a friend to is genuinely a large man and he has done fabulous with it.

There are a lot of very good used river runners always around for sale. I happen to like the InaZone series as very good all round boats. Currently I have a Diesel 70 and an I3.