deck lights

anyone got a good site for buying kayak deck lights ?

here :

finally someone is selling the good stuff

on a shoe string

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I use a night light/bathroom light/dome light that I picked up at a garage sale for 25 cents.

It's not waterproof, but you put it into a map case and bungie it down to the back deck, and you're good to go for 25 cents.

Darn it…
I went to a dozen Garage Sales and they were all Sold Out !! :slight_smile:

20 buck solution

two shoe strings
if this lighting is truly necessary for navigating amongst other boats then their and your safety may come down to the efficacy of a 25cent dome light,or a handheld flashlight.

I’m not saying a person can’t be resourceful or that the dome light can’t be adequate in some situations but once you go paddling where your actions affect other boats/lives it really is important to have a good system.

Otherwise we could drive cars with one light, handheld torches, etc.

I’m coming from the experience of finishing a club paddle in the S.F. Bay where eight “experienced paddlers” were coming back to the dock with all manner of dim yellow lights and a commercial boat captain looked down on us from the pilot house screaming holy hell because he couldn’t see us for s**t and it wouldn’t be his problem that he ran over us in the bay,channel or maneuvering in the marina. He was pissed.


these are not waterproof

that’s what I thought
What I don’t understand is why PrincetonTEc, Techtite or any other LED flashlight manufacturer doesn’t make a simple red/green lens cap to go over the end of the flashlight just like those navlights. It wouldn’t take any great expense to make or market them. Princeton Tec has a soft light dispersing cone on one of their lights,it could be a replaceable red/green cone with a bungie/strap hold down.

maybe the market’s too small
I use the navlites. They are totally waterproof and from the abuse I’ve heaped upon them, seem to be indestructible. Plus, customer service is great (LED lights came out the year after I bought mine and they switched them out for me (got brand new lites) for $20.00. I do find the LED lites too bright for me actually, so I use the cover to shield my eyes, but they can still be seen from the front and sides.


Hydrostar Multistrobe
I got one last weekend haven’t tried it on the water yet. It’s LED has red/green, flashing white and three level white area light with a magnet built in and a suction cup for deck mount, loops for strapping on and a pocket clip. Supposed to be waterproof to 50 feet. I gave about $30. I wish the magnet would have ben in the suction cup instead of the light so you wouldn’t have to worry about compass interference. Website is



Guardian lights
Try this previous post of mine.

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None of the lights

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I have seen will meet the Coast Guard regulations for visibility to the sides of a kayak.

"a green light on the starboard side and a red light on the port side each showing an unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of 112.5 degrees and so fixed as to show the light from right ahead to 22.5 degrees abaft the beam on its respective side. In a vessel of less than 20 meters in length the sidelights may be combined in one lantern carried on the fore and aft centerline of the vessel, except that on a vessel of less than 12 meters in length the sidelights when combined in one lantern shall be placed as nearly as practicable to the fore and aft centerline of the vessel" It must also be visible to a distance of at least one mile.

If you are using only a white light that is on all the time, you would appear to be a vessel being approached directly from the rear or a vessel at anchor.

If you are using lights that do not meet the regulations and are struck, you would be at fault.

In a paddled craft, all you legally need is a "white light which shall be exhibited in sufficient time to prevent collision".
A waterproof spotlight used to shine the pilothouse of a boat would serve as ample warning.

I would first shine the pilothouse, and then use the light to illuminate myself and my yak. Hopefully, someone is paying attention.

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had the navlites, which are visible to the sides of the kayak and are red/green identifying you as a vessel. With a 360 white lite on the stern you cover any CG regs. Not that compliance will keep you from getting run down by a sleepy captain.

I’d rather paddle my *ss off than stop to shine a light on me or them. But that may be more applicable to urban paddling, where a white light can easily get lost in the crowd.


Two very good links about night lights


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Thanks; As always you guys have been a big help.


Here the danger is
speedboats and charter boats moving at a high rate of speed. Often they are not on a straight course so trying to paddle out of the way is fruitless.

I highly doubt those little nav lights would be seen in time to make any difference, particularly seeing that they are barely above the surface of the water (and sometimes below).

A high powered spotlight would be much more likely to get their attention.

have you used the LED Techlite navlite?
I have used it and it’s as bright as the running lights on most small boats.