Deck Line

I am getting down to the finishing touches of my S&G project and am looking for a good source for deck rigging. The kit came with bungee cord, but I still want to add some deck line. I’m looking for the reflective type.

Also, what is the most common diameter for this application?



A couple of sources…
I initially had difficulty tracking down the reflective rope as well. I was looking for Sterling Glocord…here is their site:

(It comes in yellow.)

However, you can purchase black reflective rope at:

What are you building?


Shearwater 17’ Merganser

If you can forego reflective line…
…neocorp makes the best deck line and bungee I’ve found.


What diatmeter is most common?

personal preference
I like 5mm,3/16". 4mm feels too small, 1/4" is a better grab but it’s thick. There’s a lot of variation in the same size of line depending on the type and construction. Marlow polypropelene yacht braid is nice but I haven’t found it in black. It’s soft, flattens nicely when grabbed. Lately I’ve been using a polyester braid. Nylon stretches and tightens when wet/dry,so it’s too loose or too tight.

Been in the water with the new boat yet?

3/16" Sport Cord?
is that the one? do you know what it’s made of?


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this stuff exists in 3/16"/5mm but I haven't seen it in awhile,,this is VERY NICE polypropelene,,most poly line you find in Home Depot is disposable garbage. It's as good as but different from 1/4 poly rescue line. The other pricey floating lines are too stiff/expensive/unnecessary for the task. I've seen 5mm Marlow polypropelene braid on P&H sea kayaks.

I think MattBraid is like what Necky was using a long time ago to tie off hard hatch covers.
But it's not here in 3/16". Holds a knot well.

I think this is the stuff I bought,,,but it's not the same color,,oh well,,choices

That’s the stuff
It’s polyester that’s woven specifically to reduce stretch. It’s also meant for outdoor applications. It’s the best black cord I’ve found.

If you look in the Factory Overruns section, the white FO316250 is the same product (I confirmed it) at the incredibly low price of 500’ for $14.20 (< 3 cents/foot). I don’t use a lot of white deck line, but at that price, I bought some just to have it around. The FO18250 is great as a general purpose utility cord for a dirt cheap price.

The bungee I use is their series 89000, specifically the 89blk. The textured surface (it looks a LOT like the rope) grips items better than the smoother sheath on most bungee cord. It also seems to be very high quality and more durable than other products I’ve used.

The service I’ve gotten from Neocorp has been outstanding. They respond quickly to emails and are very helpful. Their online ordering system works well, too. I highly recommend them.