Deck Mounted Compass

I have a Valley Aquanaut that I’d like to fit with a deck mounted compass. I’ve looked at the Silva 70P, but was wondering if anyone knew of another option?

The 70P is an excellent compass
Same compass under different names…

Deck mounted compass
I have the Silva on 4 boats, works great and fits the opening great. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a deck mount type. Hope this helps in the decision. Regards

The one
That’s the one that is designed to fit, so there really aren’t any other options. Had one for years in my NDK.

VCP Argonaut, here
I’ve had one in my VCP Argonaut, and it works very, very well. I’m very happy with it…Easy to see, and extremely accurate.

Yup - on 4 of our Brit boats

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Both of our Valley (Aquanaut & Nordkapp LV) and both of our NDK (Romany & Explorer LV) boats have 70P's. No complaints

70P ?? deckmount?
hi folks …i’m a bit confused …i looked up the Silva 70P compass and it’s seems to be meant to be a dashboard mount compass…so where are ppl mounting this on a kayak? this compass seems to be designed to mount the faceplate in a vertical position ( also used in airplanes) not a horizonal one on the deck of a boat, or can it be mounted horizonal also ??? thanx fer any info

Richie V-527
also works.

cheaper, white, higher numbers, IMO easier to read.


Deck Mount
It is made to flush mount vertically or at an angle. There is a special cup fitting that can be installed in the boat’s deck for angled mounting if the kayak was not made with one.

It’s not a strap-on compass.


Silva 85R
…on hatch cover


Thanks to all for the input…
I have found that there are several options for the 70P. It seems as though the Silva compass is a little pricier and harder to come by here in the states (although quite easy to find on British websites). The Brunton 70P, which seems to be the same compass with a different name is a little cheaper here and very easy to find … even on!! I contacted Richie and they suggested the V-527 which Steve feels is easier to read and cheaper. I’m all for easier to read as my eyes are just beginning to show their age :frowning:

Has anyone else had positive/negative experience with Richie compasses?

Thanks again,


the cool part
I find is it has the classic N-NW-W-SW graphics on the face as well so you have more clues as to where you’re at and where you’re pointing at. (I know bad english useage)



thanks for the recommendation steve!
I just ordered a Ritchie this morning for my latest sea kayak. I’ve used 70P’s in the past but I’m all for better visibility (I’ve got terrible eyes) and cheaper cost.

Does the Ritchie fit a standard cup?
All the photos I found of the Ritchie V-527 depict a pretty deep compass, which would not seem to fit a standard cup like that found on most FG Brit boats.

Is that indeed the case, or is there another model variation I should be looking for?

similar dimensons as brunton/silva/nexus
Here’s the product page that has the dimensions:

I’ve contacted Ritchie…
and e-mailed Steve Sprole the VP of Sales and Marketing for Ritchie ( He told me that yes the V-527 is a match for the 70P. I’m just having a hard time finding a source for this compass. Steve said that I can order it directly from Ritchie. Alex where did you order yours from?

viking optics…
They currently have the ritchie 527 for sale for only $59 + shipping (total around $71 shipped).

you’re welcome
and yes the Richie fits the standard Brit style recess perfectly.