Deck plate material

I picked up an older Mad River yesterday (TW Special) that has the kind of deck plates this one has:
(this one is not my boat)

But, the original owner took off the front one and replaced it with a thick walnut deck plate that he made. It's nice enough, but it weighs like 2 pounds. I don't need that much weight just for a deck plate. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get these old type, or what material would be a good substitute?


Those decks in the picture are made from a piece of Royalex. I have some old ones that came off of canoes we’ve repaired. Email me with you phone number or call the shop and we can talk.


I have even better than that, salvaged
from my '73 Mad River Compatriot. Black FG with a structural peak in the center, and a water throwing lip at the back end.

I hope to find a way to install them on my MR Guide Solo, which will require some aesthetic work to mate with the vinyl gunwales.

Got a bunch of those, too. (nm)

Kydex is a lot like what is used for the plastic deck plates. I get my larger pieces from Interstate Plastics, but they have a minimum size requirement on the thickness you’d want (.093 or thicker). Another outfit I’ve used for small pieces is (look under sheath making supplies). also has a reputation for being good to deal with, and I’m sure there are plenty of other sources.

Thanks for the replies

I appreciate it.

Rob, thanks for the kind offer to call. I may take you up on it. But, I’d feel bad about getting stuff from you that you could probably use in your shop in the future.

The Kydex sounds interesting too. Ever since I saw some of the cool stuff that c2g did with it, I’ve been intrigued with trying it. It’s probably one of those things that once you’ve got it on hand you can find uses for it left and right. So, I’m thinking about going the Kydex route.

Thanks for the great replies guys. Good stuff. I’ll probably have some more questions to throw out there as I make this boat my own.

just ordered .125 kydex

… from

Thanks! Thanks Rob for your kind offer also.


Too late now, but
Cheap kitchen cutting boards from IKEA.

how big?
Could one of you post pictures and/or measurements of these black fiberglass decks? I am looking to replace the bitty little decks on my RapidFire. Ideally with something closer to three feet than to three inches, but that is a lot to ask.


Great idea

Yep, too late. But you cold fillet fish right on your deck plates!