Deck protection

Anyone got any suggestions on material to protect my foredeck from paddle dings? Yes, I know I should be more careful, but…

I race and my catch is often a ‘little close in’. My new Mako is going the way of all my boats as I apparently purposefully dig through gel-coat.

Contact paper worked on a Glider I borrowed for the Blackburn, but by the end of the race it was in shreds.

Anything that would stick, stay stuck, be hardy and not look too ugly?

Thanks, Binks

You might want to try something fron 3M
They make a film used for covering auto racing windshields. It is typically multi layered; when the racer comes in for a pit stop, the crew strips off the outer layer and the windshield loses all the pits and dings.

thick vinyl non-skid tape?

might try
Slippery tape,110,43466

If the link doesn’t work, just search for slippery tape.

I have used it on things of fiberglass on surfaces subjected to wear. It stays on quite well.

Auto chip guard?

3m also makes abrasion tapes designed for the leading edges of aircraft wings and helicopter rotors.

surfboard shops carry traction pads
that come in all styles and shapes,really thick vinyl basicly with adhesive on the back. lasts for years and is soft but durable.trac-top is one the bigger brands.

I’ve got something you might want to try
Andrew, I’ve got some automotive tread tape. It’s similar to what you see on truck bumpers and steps, and on car door jambs. It’s a rugged, black plastic tape with a textured surface. I use it under the pads for my roof rack, so I don’t have to worry about chewing up the paint from taking the rack on and off. If you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll bring some the next time that we get together.

Pipe wrap
I forget the brand name, but it’s a fairly thick plastic tape with a fairly mild adhesive. It sticks very well but peels off clean. Should be available at Home Depot in 2" or 4" widths. 4" is better but two strips of 2" works if that’s what you can get. Standard equipment for the well-dressed Mako around here.

Auto Body Shop
Hi Andrew,

You might want to post this same question on NSPN, I know that Suz recently had her boat deck areas covered in a clear plastic coating of some sort, It was done by a local Auto body shop. They did such a good job you couldn’t tell it was there. Apparently she has the same problem with paddle contact.