Deck Rigging/Tie Downs

I am looking for the black plastic deck line mounts for a 10 year old NDK Explorer, the recesses are elliptical.


Is it painted?
Have you painted it already or are you just planning ahead?

Good luck finding the fittings.

Try these folks
I am not sure if they have the RDF’s, but have been NDK/NDSK dealers long enough there’s a decent chance.

Maybe Here…

Another fitting on page 3 as well.


I think your best action would be get in touch with a dealer, a lot of shops routinely strip old boats of hardware. you might have to go to 2-3-4 shops to collect enough parts. This is assuming a dealer cannot get you parts from the manufacturer. Try contacting shops that advertise online.

They’re not VCP, are they?
Do they look like this, by any chance?

We have a couple of winners!

Thank you

Are you lookin’ for look or . . .
. . . functionality? I have a Eddyline Nighthawk 16 that had some halfassed plastic fitting that kept breakin’. I replaced them with looped nylon webing with a stainless screw and finish washer. You can make 1, 2, 3 or 4 loops. Never had one of 'em break.

Got to have the look thing
as well as function, great idea though

soooo . . .
That leaves the small matter of my reward . . . :smiley: