Deck rigging

I’m not very experienced with tools, but I can manage most small projects. I’d like to change the deck shock cords on my Sirius from 1/8" to 1//4: cord. The fittings are recessed. Before I go and unscrew anything, I’d like to know if there are any pitfalls I should be aware of, and any particular techniques or knots that work best to keep the shock cords from pulling out.

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some 1/4" bungie can get pretty thick,to make it easy to loop through holes peel the covering back, cut the interior rubber,pull the covering back over and melt the ends.

is the size that’s on my first kayak. It seemed to hold bottles or dromedary bags very securely, even when rolling. The cords on the new (used) kayak just don’t have the same holding power, though it might be more from age.

I’m not even sure the 1/4" will fit in the deck fittings, but unlike most things in kayaking, this will be a cheap experiment.

Thanks for the advise about getting the cord through.


Use Strong Nylon String
tie it securely to the end of the bungee, pull the string through the fittings, stretch the bungee with the string by pulling on the string and holding the bungee, and as bungee elongates it’ll fit through the hole in the fitting.

Of course, you can choose not to use bungee and use leather straps and a series of wood keepers that tighten and loosen the straps. These work much better to keep things on deck. Brian Nystrom has a webshot page showing examples of the set up.


In case you’re interested…
…the photos are at:

Where did you find the wooden balls?

Curious, where did you find the wooden balls? I looked for some similar last week and didn’t find them. I ended doing something similar only with plastic balls. I’d prefer the wooden balls.



Wooden balls
Can usually be found at craft stores.

Lyn: This is a bit off topic
but your profile says you are in Manhattan. Are there any outdoor stores there? I will be in Manhattan all of next week for my son’s graduation and may have a couple of hours to kill now and then. I didn’t think there would be any paddle stores there, I always assumed you would have to go outside of the city for a good store.

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On pier 40
which is Houston and the river there’s a very well stocked kayak store, New York Kayak Company. For general marine supplies there is a West Marine.

We have quite a large paddling community here. On any given summer weekend there will be dozens of kayakers on the water. If you want to paddle in your free time call Manhattan Kayak Company (pier 63, which is 23rd St & the river). They have many short tours for a reasonable price (by NY standards). There is no better way to see the NY skyline than from a kayak on the Hudson. Let me know. That’s where I keep my kayak.


I will be there from Mondy to Friday and may have some time on Thursday. I’ll head over and check it out.

Much appreciated.

A.C. Moore and Michael’s Craft’s stores sell them and they’re dirt cheap in the large bags ($2.99 for 27 3/4" balls or 18 1" balls).