Deck Rigging

I will be purchasing a new Pungo 140 in a couple of weeks. The primary use will be cruising and flyfishing. As on most of the new Pungos there is minimum deck rigging. My question to all is what do you feel is the best application for deck rigging and an anchor trolly. Pop Rivets, Well Nuts or Standard S/S Nut and Bolts? I have read many articles about the strengths of Pop Rivets, Well Nuts, and now I’m more confused than before. Help !!

Best is SS nuts and bolts…
rivets and well nuts are only used when you don’t have access to place a nut or are on the cheap.

I use the “lock nuts” that stay tight.

SS and Well nuts…
Stainless steel and the brass inserts in well nuts corrode when exposed to salt water…if you fish in fresh water, not such a problem.

Stay stainless and stainless wherever possible if you fish salt water.

Another Suggeston

Most of the folks in my group (with Wildy yaks) have added “V” bungees across each rubber hatch cover. We use two pad eyes on one side and a hook on the other. The bungee knots on either eye and crosses over the hatch on a “V” pattern. This makes a good extra “safety net” to prevent a loose hatch cover from blowing away as well as providing another spot to stash something on the deck.

My wise dealer makes up and stocks plastic packets containing the eyes, hook, bolts, and bungee cord for a quick, ready do-it-yourself kit. The kits are not a high dollar or a high profit item but just another of his little value added services that makes him special.