Deck Rigging

Where is the best place to buy deck rigging?

kayak shop
what do you mean ‘deck rigging’?

everything, including the loops, nuts, bolts, washers, rope???

any ‘good’ kayak shop or ANY marine store.


Can’t be sure, but . . .
I think this is the company I ordered the rope that I used for my reflective deck lines: .

This is an excellent company with excellent prices. I called their number and ordered online; got reflective, florescent line, but couldn’t find it a while ago.

If you’re looking for cord and bungee…
…Neocorp is the best supplier I’ve found. Their bungee is better quality than most and they sell excellent polyester deck line.

captdick and kayakfishingstuff


that’s easy
first you go here for ss. screws, washers and nyloc nuts.

then you go here for a couple yds of black 1" polypro webbing, it’s just around the corner

then here for webbing and rigging line

then here for lunch

Ohh, I’ve paddled up to that pub.
Well, ok - as close as you can get to it. Getting out of and into the boat’s a little challenging. But, mighty fine pub.

And boy do I wish I had known about Chesapeake Fasteners a week ago! I needed a handful of stainless stuff for the kayak that I’m building for my daughter.

West marine carries it.
and all the assorted hardware.



Topkayker has a good selection of marine hardware especially for kayaks. GREAT people.

Chesapeake fasteners is great
all the stuff that you dig around for at marine hardware stores at a fraction of the price. A lot of the 5mm metric screws that come on bicycles are chromed or very cheap ss. The ones at CMF are good and cheap.