Deck scratch protection - spare paddle

For those that do care about avoiding unncessary scratches on deck, especially from the epoxied end of a spare wooden GP, any suggestions for on-deck protection? I am pondering using peel and stick thin foam pads but not sure I’ll be happy with the look.

clear plastic
Bicycles often place a piece of clear plastic adhesive on spots where cables and such may rub. I wonder if that would work for you?

Number Plate Background Film

Great stuff-darn near bulletproof, and it comes in colors also.

Deck Dings
Try clear shelf paper. Cut to desired size. Then apply to clean and DRY boat. It will stay on pretty much indefinitely but is easy to remove if you want to replace it. I use it to protect the decks on all my racing boats and it works like a charm.

Clear non skid tape…
Some boating stores carry 3" wide that you can buy by the foot… cut to size and peal and stick.

I had read…
…a thread some time ago about deck chips/damage from the paddle, and took a different approach, after deciding I didn’t want to put anything on the deck due to molded in contours and decals…

I put regular black electrical tape on the tip and trailing edge of the paddle blades of my wing. Might be possible for a GP as well?

I’m surprised at how well the stuff sticks!

Good stuff !
Grayhawk put my wife and myself onto it.

I believe we got ours at either Boaters World, or West Marine.

They also have it in a couple of colors.



Check out my…
…“Deck Rigging” album on Webshots at:

Go to the second page and look a the shots of the red deck.

Use a rubber
That’s a rubber bike tire. You can get them in WalMart for about $2 and cut it to slip over the paddle shaft. If you can still find a car tire tube they will slip over the paddle blade.

UHMW polyethylene tape
I had some left around from the woodshop, and stuck it on my deck where I was getting scratches. It works fine, and is transparent.

reduced the height of the skeg control

My Nodlow is the first slider skeg boat I’ve owned and I hit the control fairly often when paddling. What did you do (use) to reduce its height? Does the ‘knob’ have to be removed?