Deck Slate/ Adhesive NAV Crib Notes


Looking for a Deck Slate or Crib Sheet that can be placed on your deck to assist with Navigation and Tides. I have seen them in the UK.



You mean a Nav Aid?

though that link could be out of date. I have seen it in paddling stores.

Crib sheet
I use a grease pencil (aka china marker) on the deck for my notes. Easy to read, hard to loose. It also allows for adding notes while at sea. Might be not as good if not writing on gel coat - harder to erase.

Scuba store
Available at any scuba shop.

Drop by your local office supply store and have them laminate 4-5 sheets of paper and you will be all set for a couple of years.

I use the same technique…
…described by wilsoj2.


Waterproof paper
I prefer to stick a piece of waterproof paper under my chart. Easy to make notes with a pencil even when soaked, and I just can’t feel organized when writing with a crayon in 1" tall letters.

National Geographic Adventure Paper is the last stuff I got, but any waterproof printer paper will do.