Deckbag suggestions for Pungo 120

I need something to keep all my crap in and have it be handy. GPS, camera, FRS radio, etc.

Any suggestions that would fit nicely with the Pungo 120?

Makes a nice waterproof one with a roll top closure like a dry bag. It comes with straps you mount onto deck perimeter lines and then it will quick release buckle on on off the straps which stay on your boat. It’s called the Console bag and is smaller than some others that were too big for my deck.

The other watertight bag that I know about is the Watershed Aleutian. It looks like a great bag, but was too big for me.


Granite Gear Thwart Bag
I use a Granite Gear Thwart Bag hanging off the back of my seat. It’s a simple matter to reach behind me and get my stuff. Much closer than the front edge of that monster cockpit in my Pungo 140.

Hope this helps.


Under Deck Bag
Voyageur used to make a neat under deck bag that mounted just under the deck. The bag screw mounts to the inside of the deck and uses similar webbing and clips as a PFD. You unclip the front two hangers and the bag slides forward for an easy reach. It works beautifully in my real Pungo and would work just fine in your new fangled P-120.

You might be lucky and find one still in stock with a Voyageur dealer…or…what looks to be the identical product is listed at The item number is 75-0240. As I remember, the bag was priced around $55.00.

Hope you can find one.