Decked canoe for fly fishing

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What would you want in a decked canoe, built for salt water fishing? Give us your Spec and have your say.

Never even occurred to me.
An interesting thought.

Good luck. I’m eager to see the responses.

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Decked canoe for fishing/hunting?

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I would want a new and improved Loon canoe, thats light in weight ,thats unsinkable and easy to add fishing or hunting options too,including a electric motor option,
it should be built from kevlar or Trylon, or Tegris.

What specs?

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There isn't much to choose from: (Easy Rider Cub Scout is included by mistake - it's hardly a decked canoe, more an SOT).

All of them are pretty much same wide @28", which is too narrow in my opinion for relaxed fishing. You'd want something 36"-39" wide. May be put 1/4" marine plywood deck on a proper fishing canoe like Wenonah Fishermen or one of Clipper Mac Sport line-up, with deck riveted to gunwales, say, 4ft in the bow and 4 ft at stern.

Make it two canoes - catamaran
Stability in rough to choppy salt water is going to be a huge issue. Make it a quick assemble and disassmble two hull deal, with light hulls, and I’d add significant floatation.