Decked Canoe Kit

I think perhaps a decked canoe, similar to the Kruger Sea Wind or Gougeon’s Serendipity, might satisfy my need for a versatile, rugged water conveyance. I have in mind paddle/sailing on the SF Bay, launching from the beach to gunkhole along the northern California coast, and fishing and waterfowl hunting in various impoundments.

I can’t afford a professionally built vessel and would like to find a kit or plans for something similar to the craft mentioned above. Does anyone here know of any?

Much obliged.

JEM Watercraft

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Has a couple of new designs for S&G decked canoes. The Zephyrus is a Kruger clone. Their sailing canoe isn't on the site as yet (I have plan 001 in my hands) and I intend to build it this winter.

Chat with Matt the owner. Hewill be happyto custom design to your specs if you don'tlike these designs. A good guy and reasonable pricing.

How many boats do you have in your fleet now?

only 3
right now.

didn’t know about JEM. They have some interesting boats there, but there are no photos. I guess they’re still in the beginning stages of the business. Have you built one of their boats before? I’m always interested in decked canoes.

Not yet…
The owner posts here so he may chime in. I found him by accident on another board. The first designs looked unusual to me, but Matt is starting to get quite sophisticated and the newer models are beginning to look like real canoes.

I recieved the panel drawings last week for my decked sailing canoe. They look pretty straightforward.

Matt said he will forward an instruction packet this week. He is backed up with some problems around the home place right now.

Not quite what you’re looking for…
I know this is smaller than what you’re looking for, but I noticed this design:

I’m going to attempt to build the Snowshoe 14 this winter.



clc mill creek 16 looks good, also ‘lost in the woods boatworks’ has plans for john bull’s sailing canoes, 12 and 16 ft ‘peterboats’. selway fisher in england has a range of sailing canoe plans. hugh horton and his ‘50/50’ sail/paddle boats are way up the evolutionary ladder. also jim luton on chesapeake bay is an expert canoe sailor if you can find any of his stuff, he seems to have become frustrated with the internet

mill creeks
i haven’t paddled one, but i wouldn’t feel comfortable paddling open water on a trip with a mill creek. it’s mostly a flat bottom, and doesn’t look seaworthy at all. if it’s for small, slow rivers, moderate lakes or ponds, the mill creek would probably work well.

one of the posters talked about a kruger sea wind. i’ve never paddled either, but the mill creek is no sea wind.

My ears were burning!

Thanks for the reference Jose. Much appreciated. I still consider myself new so pics of actual boats built are limited. But I know of 7-10 boats in the process of being built. So hopefully more pics soon. I do work deals on materials for builders who buy plans that don’t have pictures yet…which is about all of them! :wink:

Couple of notes about the Zeph:

It’s styled after a Sea Wind. But the Sea Wind was developed from a strip-built design. You won’t have the perfectly curved shape of the Sea Wind with the Zeph. You can do a couple of tricks to get a more rounded chines to help out but it’ll never be a Sea Wind. Close, but not the same. Hence the proven value of a Sea Wind.

The current Zeph does not have the rocker of the Sea Wind. This is becasue the Zeph was a custom request and the builder asked it to be that way. Another version of the Zeph designed with the full rocker is in the works. Rudder required for touring open water.

Finally, the issues on the home front are a car that gave up the ghost and a 6 year daughter that broke her hand while we were on vacation in WI!

Hang on Jose…the rest of the package coming soon! :slight_smile:

Thinking the same thing, Meat…
I am considering building the snowshoe 14 myself this winter. drop me a line or post when you get ready to order the plans. It would be nice to have someone to troubleshoot problems and bounce ideas off of during the building process. Have you been able to price out the total cost (not including hours)of building one of these?


Sounds like a used Folbot would meet your needs perfectly. check the net…you might e able to pick one up for next to nothing.