Decorating my new jackson black 2fun

Brothers and Sisters,

I scored on a demo 2007 2fun. Its in Black. I already feel like a pimp ;). Well I want to make sure I can see that boat on a dark river (when I swim!) as well as pimp it out. One idea is to convert it into a look a like Rockpool boat. I would like to find glittering stars that I could stick on there (and that will hold true with time). Do you know where I can find them?

Also, if you have better idea’s on rigging out the black …let me know.



link to pic
and for those who want to see one:


Gliter tape

Also try the decal section of an auto parts/jet ski/motorcycle store.

nothing will stick for long
Anything you stick to a poly boat, especially a whitewater boat, won’t be there for long. My recommendation is to find cheap stickers and buy a lot of them as you will be replacing them often. No need to spend a lot of money on something that will last as long as a cheap item.

SOLAS tape
It’s stuck to my poly sea kayak for years, but it doesn’t do well standing up to abrasion

sweet boat…
The new 2Fun is a sweet boat and one of my favorites. Although black is by far the coolest looking color, I went with neon green for my new Allstar for just that same reason. While I haven’t swam in a couple of years, I know it’s inevitable and would hate to lose my kayak on the river. Nothing really stays on plastic kayaks very well but maybe you can try spraypainting the deck with Krylon. Don’t even bother with the hull as it will instantly scrape off on the river.

What about Bath tub stickers!
you know the ones that prevent you from slipping (and are designed to stick even when wet). The problem is I can’t find any cool ones (like star fishes etc). Do you guys know of any?

Is the Krylon spray paint waterproof and sticks well to poly?




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I have some SOLAS tape on a fiberglass kayak and the edges were starting peeling apart. When I varnished (with polyurethane) the kayak this year I varnished right over the tape and it stuck great to the tape, didn't interfere with it being reflective, and it seemed to put a stop to any damage to the tape.

Also I have a red Fun 1.5 and used electrical tape to decorate the deck. It doesn't hold up the best but it's cheap and easily replaced. These also look interesting

My Devil Duckie sticker is still stickin
Put it on about 2 yrs ago.

It is a “puffed” plastic or vinyl sticker made specifically for shower stalls or bathtubs.

The kayak is roto and the sticker is still going strong, even with storage in an uninsulated shed (extremes of hot and cold).

I bought it at Twist and Shout.