Decorating your canoe

What do you think about canoes that people paint/ decorate? I always look at the stickers I’m required to get each year from my home State Park system as a badge that I’ve earned, I leave them year after year. I’ve seen some that people paint and have considered decorating mine as well, but some I’ve seen I’m sure looked better in the people’s mind than it did on their canoe, so I’m kind of hesitant to paint anything on mine. My parents had an old grumman that they painted a sea serpent on the side of, which I always found cute when I was little.

Fat Elmo
decorates his with coolers


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its been rough on you lately g2d
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I would run out of paint
with the amount of canoes I have.



How be dis?
Flashback ta de 60’s…


The only canoe I ever put any kind of decoration on was our gray, Old Town Discovery 174, which we called the Gray Ghost.

I mounted a 1956 Cadillac hood ornament on the bow decking. Still have the hood ornament; not the boat.

Don’t miss it either.


Just this

some of the finest…
I’ve seen are on re-stored wood and canvas canoes at the Wooden Canoe and Heritage Assn. annual rendezvous. Jim Mandle had a gold guilded design on his Morris that was very fine. Some others copied the traditional designs of the original manufacturers.

I also like some of the native american designs that can be seen throught Adney and Chapelle’s book “the Bark and Skin Boats of North America”.

I’m waiting for a hull manufacturer to break out with some great modern graphic designs that augment natural form but so far see none save the skateboard look on some WW stubby Kayaks. Bell tried a few years back with a kind of Jackson Pollock spotted approach but I’d like to see someone try a more graphic design approach.


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I ADVISE you to pimp out your boat with some of the latest decals from American Canoe Assoc. or maybe USCA or perhaps a WildWater Decal. One should not forget things like BWCA or maybe just a loon or duck sticker. I SUGGEST you personalize your boat so that friends can easily identify you with bino's at long range. A nice camo job can do wonders for an aging wide beam rec canoe.

Mine are pimped out with registration stickers and racing numbers, along with organizations I am a member of.

Some are already sporting…
…a little nose art. See - Mad River Canoes.

I really like this one from Nova Craft, and it’s a “one-off”…

traditional designs
I saw this canoe in the Discussion forum posted by redmond. It’s about a 65 ft. long ocean canoe but also shows a traditional graphic design.


That Nova is sweet!
Hey steve, that nova is pretty sweet looking. Nice Canadian Maple leaf theme. When you said nose art, I was thinking of the kind of thing you see on WWII fighters and bombers. Very cool indeed.

Old cardboard

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He asked an indirect question. Why is that such a burden to you? Are you a control freak or just a total curmudgeon who smells like moldy cardboard?

As this is the advice forum I have some for you. Every time something on the internet bothers you, take a nap. That should keep you busy pretty much forever.

I’ve been doodling a design
of nose art to “enhance” the repair I made to the bow of my Merlin. I’ve always been drawn to the P40 aircraft’s toothy grin and menacing eyes.

So much for maintaining a low profile.

P140 asked these questions about
the greatest kayak ever built.

it’s your world.
My wife and I love stickers, and our boats look the part, when our boats our on the roof of the car, people look, and they see who and what we are.

it’s a blank canvas just begging
to be lavished upon…go for it! be fearless!

this reminds me why I’m not a canoeist

You can always decorate your kayak too :slight_smile: