decorative painting on rotomold?

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the ancient hippie in me has her decorative eye on the little floaty thing...

someone here once mentioned model paints for painting on plastic boats--the rationale beinng models are usually made of plastic--so i was thinking along the lines off testors enamel, or something like that.

but i though maybe i should ask around again for more detail on thing like:

acrylic vs. lacquer vs. enamel, etc.?

spray vs. paint-on (i'm leaning toward stencils and spraying if i can find a somthing suitable for anchoring the stencil in place.)

finishes and top coats?

etc., etc., etc.



In my limited knowledge vinyl stickers
are about the only thing that really works. Paint will not last on a poly boat.

Not the same kind of plastic?
I think models are usually polystyrene and (plastic) kayaks are polyethylene.


Testors hobby enamel
Perception Americas spilling shamrocks are now going into their 5th season…I used a clear coat over the finished product.

See this thread

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scroll down to SpaceGhost's post and check out his paint job

I tried it, Rustoleom Painter's Touch Spray Paint works, many months later paint is still there...

Spray paint in cans
They now sell at places like Home Depot spray paint that is suppose to stick to plastic patio furniture so my quess is it will also stick to a poly boat. With an X-acto knife and contact paper you could make stencil designs for your boat.

I’ll also mention
That I kept a can of Acetone and old rag handy while painting. If you happen to get some paint where it shouldn’t be, a little wipe with acetone will get it off.

McYak is right
I have seen them on his boat, and they look very nice indeed. Nice shiny green shamrocks on a red boat!

thanks for the (t)hreads up
on spaceghost’s projects. the thread was very helpful and even though the two pics he originally mentioned were unavaiable, i did get to see the rest of them.

i’ll be doing “deckwork” primarily, but for the name. i’m not quite sure how much yet…i’d love to have the whole thing i nice lime-y (but not flourexcent-y) green, but i may simply settle for sunflowers around the hatches.

if it matters, the roto-colour is beigish or tanish, otherwise known as wilderness systems “sand.”

sg specifically mentioned the paint does scratch off, i’m curious if he put on any clear top/protective coats?

also curious a out whether or not the shamrocks scratched.


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If you're putting your design on the top or sides, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The only area I've really had paint scratch is the bottom from scraping a rock or when I pull my kayak ashore. The paint on top can scratch off, too, but really only if you like scrap your paddle against it or something hard...not as likely.

As for protective coats, if I remember correctly, after I painted my kayak I sprayed on a coat of Rustoleum Clear finish or something like that (I used matte finish...might try glossy next time).

I might have those two pictures somewhere still. I'll post them if I do.