Defender cockpit cover

Has anyone used one of these Defender cockpit covers?|27082|320444&id=311425

I bought a 5.7 for my Heritage Featherlite 14’ and it wont stay on. Everytime I go out to the kayak it’s popped off by itself. Also, it’s almost impossibele to put on by myself and is still very difficult to put on with two people.

Am I doing something wrong here or would a different cover work better for me?



It’s made by Seals
for Defenders. From a quick check of Seals website the sizing looks correct.

You put a skirt and cockpit cover on by starting at the back (stern), working your hands around the sides, and then attaching the front (bow). Then go back and slip the sides of the cover over the cockpit coaming.

The Seals covers have a bungie knot at the back which can be tightened or loosened as needed.

Generally, covers stay on pretty well, but the larger the cockpit opening the more difficult it will be to keep in place. I would expect it to pop off if enough rainwater puddled on the cover.



been trying to do just that
That’s how I’ve been trying to put the Defender cover on. It has a knot to adjust the length also. It just keeps slipping off while trying to install. Seems like the elastic cord is too thick and doesnt grab well enough. It’s very difficult to put on by myself because it just keeps popping off when I get it half way on.

I’m reluctant to by a Heritage or other brand for fear it may do the same thing. Wondering if anyone has had trouble with theirs?


Does the fabric deck seem rather taut
when you and your assistant get it on? The one in the picture looks as if it does not have enough crosswise fabric. I think a taut deck would pull the bungee off.

You might try communcating with Sealz and see if they have an alternative.

Try this
rough up the underside of the cockpit rim with very coarse sandpaper (40 grit) make the sanding strokes parallel to the rims edge. sometimes this helps as the plastic is slick.