Deformed SOT seat back.

-- Last Updated: Oct-27-14 11:37 PM EST --

I have a Harmony, SOT seat with a deformed back. There is a curve in its back that is off center by about 4 inches.
Anyone know how I may rectify this problem? I bought it at a local Goodwill store for 53 cents (still had tag on it) so I'm not out a lot if I can't get it straightened out and I'm unsure what type materials are encased within the cover.
I look forward to all suggestions.

Can you build the low side up with foam?
Sheets of the adhesive minicell foam, maybe 1/4" thick.

I would probably cut it down low and build up a new back with plastic salvaged from poly trash cans.

Or, I’d sell it to Igor.

Heat it up
Put it in your clothes dryer till it is nice and hot and pliable, and while it is still hot put it into the position you want it to be in and let it cool

ReefMonkey, Thanks for the idea. I
think I’ll try that.