degreasing/waxing cleaner

i’m going to do a repair/modification to a sea kayak. i will need to prep the area and then clean it.

normally i would have used acetone, but a guy at the marine shop where i by my goops and glues, says that acetone is so heavily recycled that it is often contaminated and leaves a residue. they had a specific cleaner in stock of various nasty chemicals (xylene, MEK, etc) and it was expensive.

i have white gas (NAPTHA), how will that do?

many thanks to the chemists…

Soap and water, grind, sand for prep
blow off dust and thats it … DO NOT wipe with anything prior to resin work . Only smears everything around. Some acetones do seem to work less efficiently ( if I have a choice I would not buy the dusty can from ACE hardware for example) but WAY overthinking on purity … LOL

thanks Patrick
so just car soap you figure, a bit of sanding and that’s it eh?

If it’s epoxy…
I’ve been using a very dilute solution of dish detergent with warm water. I sponged the sanded surface with this, then sponge-rinsed 3 times to remove the solution. Then on to the next coat of epoxy.

thanks Pikabike
now i know i don’t have to go buy some more nasty chemicals…

Antthing to take the ocean slime off
the area ( and around area ) to be sanded.

Vineger to kerosene … what ever you like.

The sanding prep is what matters. Wiping prepped area with anything just brings more junk back into it.

If you do want a chemical cleaner…
…lacquer thinner works just fine.