Delaminated Zav paddle

I’ve got a medium power surge that’s suddenly delaminated quite badly. It’s the full width of the blade and in at least an inch. Looking for some repair advice since I’m sure I’m not the first this has happened to.

Should I first clean out the debris and glue the laminates back together before worrying about rebuilding the edge?

I don’t imagine I can get a clean edge by trying to wrap the end with fiberglass so do I just do a layer on each side, letting it run a little long, and then trim it back to the desired shape?

Or do I just glue the laminates back together, forget fiberglassing the edge, and build it back up a little with thickened epoxy?

I didn’t think the edge was worn that bad until it came apart last night.


Contact Zaveral
Best to contact the builder rather than the general public on this one, they’ll surely have better info on repair.

Contact Zaveral
This is highly unusual, and Zaveral will want to know about it.

I would replace the blade instead of doing a repair that will upset the action of this blade. I have 2 Powersurge Outriggers with several thousand rough miles on each and lots of knicks along the edges that i have sanded out and no sign of delamination anywhere.

Contact them
Thanks for the responses. I’ll get ahold of them and see what they have to say. To be honest I assumed this was a fairly common issue and that when I asked here I’d find plenty of other people who had the same problem so I could get a variety of solutions to choose from.


Mine did that
my well used, arguably abused, irreplaceable Zav straight shaft opened like a clamshell on the bottom 3" or so.

Not sure if that is what you mean by delaminated or not.

I applied epoxy and pressed it together. I did not care to alter the shape or compromise the slice so I did not add any cloth.

That was the beginning of last season. So far so good.

Similar experience

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I had this happen on a much smaller scale. I cleaned it out with a brush and put G Flex epoxy in it and clamped it overnight. Its been fine since then.

Also, the same thing happened to a buddy with his LeVas carbon paddle, only it was much worse like your situation. He followed a similar path but after pressing the 2 halves together and letting it cure overnight, he added a piece of 1" carbon cloth along the tip, with a half inch on each side of the blade and glassed it in with a thin layer of G Flex. Its been good as new (+ about 1.5oz in weight) for a season now. The cloth he used was pretty thin. I dont remember the denier, but it was pretty thin from what I remember.

Worst case, if you ruin it you can just buy a new blade