Delaminating Twintex on Esquif Canoe

-- Last Updated: Jul-11-11 10:20 PM EST --

Anyone with a twintex boat ever have this happen to them? Was preparing to take some new photos of my Esquif Mistral and noticed about 4 "Bubbles" on the inside. You can palpate that there is air between the twintex and the football shaped balsa that is sandwiched between layers. Will see about calling Esquif in the morning, but wondered if anyone with a twintex boat has had that happen and what they did? Thanks. WW

dig around
maybe on…I remember a pretty big issue about that problem with the Esquif Zephyr . From what I’ve heard, Esquif backs up their boats pretty well, latest issue being cracking in the PE on a few L’edges.

Contacting Esquif?

– Last Updated: Jul-12-11 8:08 AM EST –

Thanks, daggermat, will check there too. How can I contact them? You click on the contacts and the links don't work. Anyone with an idea how to contact them? WW


– Last Updated: Jul-12-11 8:21 AM EST –

The phone numbers and email addresses are listed on the the Esquif contact page. The PHP script that automatically opens the email program seems to be broken. Just copy the email address and paste it into the sendto field of whatever email program you use.