Delaware River Day Trip Ideas

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Looking to plan a day paddle (avg 3.5 mph) with two 15+' kayaks on the Delaware River. Can easily do up to 15 miles. If possible, looking for a round trip (with no shuttle) with a put-in somewhere between Phillipsburg and New Hope/Lambertville. Anyone have any suggested routes and put-in locations?? Looking for a put-in with ample parking and easy river access for kayaks (not a long hike from the car).

No Shuttle: You can go to Groundhog Lock in Raubsville, PA, paddle upstream in the canal up to the Lehigh R. and carry over to the Delaware and float down to your car in Raubsville.

If you want to use a bike/car shuttle, you can lock you bike at Raubsville or Riegelsville, NJ. Park at P.burg and paddle down to your bike/take-out. Then cycle up the towpath to your car. Lock the boats, or leave your partner with them while you get the car.

There are also places in the section you described that you can paddle up stream a couple miles and then float down without too much trouble.

Look for a book called …

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Canoeing The Delaware it has excellent maps and river guide.
Long out of Print.
We had two spots above Tohikon creek where we used to put in, and took out just above the Falls in New Hope. I moved away in 1991 so I really don't remember how to tell you where to find them on the PA side south of Frenchtown. One was about 12 miles north of New Hope, north of the Towhikon Valley park. (I'll look in my old writings and see if I can find a landmark for you.)