Delaware river info?

Hello all,

I’m a beginner. Just bought my first kayak, a liquid logic, and have a fairly ambitious goal of paddling down the Delaware river to the Delaware bay from Lackawaxen, PA.

I have a few question…

Are there rapids greater than Class 2? If so can they be avoided (go around without portage)?

How difficult will it be to find camping along the way?

Is the lower Delaware the worst part because of boat traffic?

How long will it likely take (for a beginner)?

Provisioning along the way?

What is it like paddling in tidal waters? Is it best to wait for an out-going tide so you’re not paddling against it?

Any other comments are appreciated.



long is the kayak’s hull ?

It’s an older Seneca, 16 feet.

Some info
Most of the rapids on the Delaware are < II+, the biggest danger are wing damns that claim several lives a year. I remember two in the lower Delaware near New Hope PA and one just above the I-95 bridge. It is possible to portage around them. There are also falls near the Route I bridges but I never paddled lower than the Yardley town takeout.

I used to have a small book that was a really good river guide of the whole river, it has a newer edition but still may be out of print

Camping may be hard on the lower Delaware, if you have car support a neat place to stay are the cabins at Tohikon Creek, I stayed there many times 25 years ago, so I don’t know if still available they are run by the county government.

who ?

search terms are narrowed with county/town added to as: New Hope Lambertville Delaware River Camping

the mapping software offers alternatives.

explore the Water Gap !

hike the Jersey side

the best water is low water, ask Landers. Low water courses down the river beds north of the Gap and Foul Rift.

Cool fall days with leaves turning or early spring with leaves coming out fresh n green are excellent Delaware canoeing days

Wing dam run current and debris thru a central chute. Debris collects at chute bottom: trees, automobiles, refrigerator, coils of barbed wire ……

Not running the chute, sometimes difficult to see the lastly hard to paddle to…

Sends boat breeching on thin water at dam’s upper lip edge, sideways down the slope into the curl also holding barbed wire automobiles….

Thanks for the input. I’ll keep researching.