Delaware River, Pa, 2-3 day trip

I had been enjoying the DR a lot last season, and after picking up “A paddler’s Guide to the DR” I have the bug to do an overnight to a two night/ three day trip. As a few people that paddle with me started paddling last year for the first time, I do not really want to pick a section of river too technical, possibly Class I all the way or easy portages.

I am very familiar with Upper Black Eddy to Bull Island and would love to find a comparable section of river for the trip length mentioned.

I am hoping for some input on the trip from people that know the right stretch, possible camping advice, any info that you are willing to share. I am trying to gather as much info as I can now so I can start my season of on a great paddle.

Thanks in advance

wouldn’t mind the idea of a few more people joining in if desired

DR guidebooks
I’d look into “Canoeing the Delaware,” and “Paddling the Delaware: A River User’s Guide.” The latter is available from

I’ve done the northern stretch from Callicoon to south of Pond Eddy (Mongaup Valley), a three-night trip (nearly 40 mi), but I did it in May when the water level was higher than average, making the rapids extra fun - even in a SOT fishing kayak.

I’d recommend that you get the experience with a group prior to leading a trip like the one you mentioned - especially on moving water.

The guidebooks will tell you at what mile marker the rapids are, and you’ll be more likely to eliminate water you don’t want to run.

A Paddlers Guide
has been my faithful companion from day one, it has proven to be one of the most useful pieces of gear in the boat. Once I have an idea of the sections we want to run I plan on doing each on a day at a time basis, getting familiar with them before hand, I was just looking for more “personal” input on the river to add to the books info and my own knowledge. You can never be over-informed imo.