Delaware River Transport Help!

Hi, I’m planning a trip next weekend and need some help getting from Kittatinny Visitor Center to Dingmans Ferry on Friday (Sept 18th) morning. None of the companies are running portage services, I can’t find a taxi service that has trucks, and don’t know anyone in the area! Any advice?

Is the problem getting you and your boat to the ferry to launch on land? Or is it that you want to paddle just one way?

If it is the latter, we turn around and go back to the launch point on rivers like the Hudson and the Mohawk. Just make the return trip with wind, tide or current helping.

You don’t need “portage” services between those two points, but shuttle partners. Find like minded partners who have vehicles. One at the put-in, one at the take out. If you don’t have the river experience, don’t paddle alone.