Delaware River Water Gap Camping

Considering first trip to the Delaware River Water Gap. Plan on a weekend to check it out first (live 2.5 hours away).

Any suggestions on a place to camp and a decent canoe or kayak outfitter?

Any recco’s would be appreciated.


DW Gap
I have not been there in a while , and it is a nice place . The last time I

went though the area , I was on a 4 day trip in a canoe in the fall . When

I arrived at the gap area , I felt like I was a sailor who had not seen land

in ages .

There are a lot of camping areas north of the gap . South , it gets a bit

difficult .You could pick up a map of the river and its campgrounds .

They have most likely changed since I paddled the area . John

Delaware Water Gap
Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area web site has info. Here is link to kayaking page.


Delaware Water Gap
Worthington State forest on the New Jersey side of the river. Great river-side camping location.

It’s just north of the Rt. 80 bridge that passes over the river. A nice day trip, Bushkill PA access down river to the GAP (approx. 12 miles).

High concentration of black bears in the area, so take appropriate precautions with regard to storing food @ your camp-site. There are numerous wilderness camping sites located on the river, some on islands within the river.





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I frequent this area quite a bit and do at least one overnight per year. I suggest the sites closest to the mouth of Big Flatbrook. Nice swimming and decent fishing, however many people know this and the few sites fill up fast this time of year, though a good alternative is just upstream. In reality, there are no bad sites in the Delaware Water Gap.