Delaware River

I recently paddled the entire non-tidal portion of the Delaware river from Hancock, NY to Trenton, NJ. I did it in eight days with my roommate to celebrate the end of summer. It wasn’t really a “wilderness” trip but we had a blast. After the initial 73.4 miles of the “Upper” Delaware it is VERY flat water with A LOT of paddling required. I would recommend doing it in ten days or more.

Check out a few pics from along the way:

Nice photos guys!
Looks like a nice trip. Did you just camp along the water’s edge all along the way?

There are numerous public campgrounds along the way that we took advantage of. They are all at the waters edge.

River trip
A while ago , I did the portion from Hancock to the Gap . It was fall and no one was out

on the river . I saw one other canoe the entire trip . The river was low so a lot more

maneuvering was required to get around the various rocks .I used an Old Town

Penobsoct 16 Roalex canoe .

I camped on the side of the river , and at one island . One night I pulled up after dark on

one side of the river and then changed my mind .After setting up camp on the other side

I heard dogs barking where I had originally set up camp . There was something around my

tent in the night , probably a dear .

The area around the gap is the start of the slower moving river .My hands were a little

blistered by that time and I called for a pick up at the gap .It was a good trip .One part,

around the “hawks nest” had standing waves that crashed over my canoe and almost

upset the boat . John


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We did the Lackawaxen on Sat. and saw Mike Reuber rafting on his day off. Nice photos. I think we met just below Staircase, 3-4 weeks ago. You were in you ranger gear and I in NCSP. We talked about your new Foxworks C-1 stick. Hope you are on the river next year.

That was me…
…on the river with the Fox Worx. I was hoping to accompany you guys on the Lack, but had to staff the Zane Grey Museum instead. I’ll be around next season working at Northeast Sports in Honesdale and I will be volunteering with NCSP and the NPS.

I had a great time with the NCSP this summer and I can not wait for the spring training to get set up and do it again.

Hawk Nest
the name makes me smile.

During summer Boy Scout camp, the troop took a canoe trip on the Delaware. Going through the Hawk Nest, which always has some standing waves, the best most of us could was to keep the boat straight, and make it through half full of water. So, my partner and I where cruising through, when I pass something floating in the water, looked like a bear. Nope, it was not a bear, it was the shaggy head of Mark Smotrof, bobbing like a cork. About the same time I hear a near paniced Scoutmaster, screaming at the top of his lungs, while STANDING in the stern of his boat, going through the rapid, “FEET FIRST MARK, FEET FIRST”. The river gods smiled that day, Mark dried out, and we all still laugh about it.

Butler’s Rift
The area you are both referring to is known as Butler’s Rift. The Hawk’s Nest is the flat water area between Butler’s Rift and Mill Rift at the No. 2 railroad bridge. FYI