Delaware River

Want to contact some Delaware River (NJ/PA) paddlers to locate some help with drop-off and pick-up points on the river. Any guidance would be appreciated.


I know quite a bit about the Upper
Delaware River. Perhaps I could assist you.


Delware River
Try the Jersey Shore SeaKayakers Association listing of launch points.

What section?
As you know, the Delaware River stretches for miles and miles. Can you be more specific as to what part of the DE you are interested in? Then perhaps we can be of more help to you.

Delaware River
I paddle around the Burlington-Bristol area of the river. Most river towns have a boat launch. If you carry your boat most are free. If you wish to get together for a paddle E-mail me. See You On The Water, Frank

Delaware River - Transportation
The area on the Delaware that I would like to concentrate on would be from Dingman’s Ferry down to the New Hope area. But any other good areas north of Dingman’s would be helpful too. The basic problem is if you don’t have a second car getting back to your original site after a day on the river. Are there any transport services on the Delaware that could get me back to my car? It’s more of a logistics problem than a river issue. Suggestions or recommendations appreciated. Thanks. Bill

The part you are refering to is called
The Upper Delaware River (UDR). It’s in my “backyard” and I can surely help you, but only during the week, no weedends or Holidays.

Reply or give me a call at work 570 253 6279 and we’ll set it up.

Delaware Survey

The National Canoe Safety Patrol/Lower Delaware Chapter maintains an excellent online resource including access info for much of the river here:


Detailed river maps are available
from the Delaware River Basin Comission for a reasonable price. You can also get the promo map showing interconnecting roads and access points from the NPS or online from a Google search.

Delaware Info. – Thanks

Thanks for the lead.