Delaware water gap, canoes w/out shuttle

I’m planning to take a group of 10 paddlers on a 3-day trip through the delaware water gap. I’ve used Kittatinny Canoes many times, but the prices are outrageous for a multi-day trip. Even with the group rate, it’s $41 per person per day. Some competitors seem to go as low as $35, but that’s still pricey compared to a recent trip to the Green River in Utah, where the outfitter charged $25 per canoe per day.

The difference is that the DWG rates all include shuttle transportation. That’s reasonable enough for a couple paddlers on a day trip but price-gauging for a multi-day group trip: $1200 for five canoes and a one-way shuttle.

I was thinking it would be cheaper to find an outfitter who would just rent us the canoes with a trailer, and we could shuttle ourselves, but every outfitter in the area seems include shuttle in their rental rates.

Any suggestions?

Can’t help with shuttle but
Watch out for rabid beavers in the water if you are swimming.

I saw a muskrat rambling through
the middle of town in Wisconsin. That’ll start a new round of “rats as big as cats.”

It was $20 for the same service
on the Red River in western TN.

I’ve paddled that stretch of the Delaware. I think that outfitter is just raising is charges until he finds out the market won’t bear any more.

Prices High in the North East
I doubt you are going to do any better then the rates you already have when you see that they all charge around the same rates in the area.

There is this service running until the end of summer but not sure if this will help for what you are looking –

Thanks, but…
This service is very cool for transport if you have your own boat, but it solves the wrong problem for me, unfortunately. Good to keep in mind though.

free shuttle