Delaware Water Gap Shuttle Service

Does anyone know of a shuttle service in the area?

try local outfitters
If you don’t get specific answers to your question from folks in the area, you can try calling local outfitters and ask if they would do it. We did this when we paddled the Columbia River Water trail last year, and a local outfitter was willing to do it. The shuttle was about 120 miles one way, and we had 4 people and 3 boats. Charged us $250 (probably would be a bit higher now, with gas prices up significantly since then) plus tip.

try dingmans campground
I’ve used Dingmans Campground for some day trips, they also do overnighters I believe

DWG Shuttles
Try Pack Shack - right @ the Gap where the AT passes through… no ambiance but they go as far upriver as Milford…